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Spicy Find

Posted on 31 October, 2013

I bought this some time ago in a car boot sale in a land before the blog. I have been holding off blogging about this piece in the hope that I would find out something about it’s history or find some other matching pieces.

But today it looked out at me from the cupboard and I thought, today it your day little jar. So without history or background knowledge here is my mixed herbs jar found in a rainy car boot sale.

The skillet in the background is my new pride and joy from A Living Space.
IMG_5391 IMG_5393

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Baby Theatre

Posted on 30 October, 2013

Image by Ger Fitzgibbon taken from here.
Last weekend we took Ewan to his first play, Blatha Bana-White Blossoms. Yep, at six months old he has had his first theatrical experience and Blatha Bana is the first play Steve has ever seen twice.
Before going Steve and I were nervous. What if he screams for the entire play? What is our exit strategy? But we need not have worried the whole thing is child friendly and well thought out. You are encouraged to move around if that’s what your child needs to do, it’s not your traditional theatre space so you don’t have to move a row of people if you need to get up.
So what is it? How does it work?
Well, it’s devised for 6 month to 3 year old. When you go in you are greeted with an array of smiling women. They helped me get Ewan’s coat off and encouraged us to take our shoes off and get settled in the reading area. Everything is calming and friendly.
Then when everyone is ready you make your way across the little bridge to the performance area which is simple and beautiful. There is song, wonder and a few gentle surprises.
The first time I went to see it Ewan wasn’t in the world yet. I loved it and was delighted to see it coming back to the theatre when Ewan was exactly six months.
But watching it with Ewan gave me a whole new experience. For example, the lights change very subtly throughout the play. I never noticed this the first time but Ewan’s attention was drawn by it and he started to look around every time the lights changed. Ewan’s attention would also wander to the children watching so I found myself watching the children’s reactions a lot more this time. I loved watching the little moments that would bring his attention back to the play and it made a whole new experience for me this time around.
After the play we headed to the petting farm and playground behind the theater.
If you live in Cork and have a wee one, or know a wee one you’d like to bring, I would definitely recommend it but be quick it finishes Friday.

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Al fresco

Posted on 30 October, 2013

I am so glad I photographed these yesterday because the rain and wind has set in today. This is a great excuse to light a fire and drink more tea than is necessary but not so great for photographing a picnic set.

I picked these up yesterday, in a second hand shop, but I didn’t buy it straight away. I had left the shop because I felt in the way with the pram. If I moved left, right, straight or backwards I was bumping into someone. When I hit an old man’s ankles with the wheels I decided I should make an exit. But as I walked away from the shop I started to regret it. After a hurried trip to the bank machine I went back for it. And boy am I glad.

When I bought it it was full to the brim of plastic. Among the plastic bags there was a series of things taken from airplane journeys including plastic knives and fork, tea stirrers, plastic cups and saucers, a refresher towel from South African Airways, even napkins in a plastic bag.

But when I took away most of the plastic and gave everything a good scrub then the picnic set came into it’s own.

I just love the knife and fork below, they slot into each other which is just as well because that fork means business!

The embossed labels are fantastic. There are three knife/fork sets but only two have labels. I like to think they brought an extra one just in case they had a guest:) Organised fun is the best kind of fun!

On the whole the set is tattered around the edges, mis-matched and well used. I had thought when I bought it that I would “upcycle” it. I bought it mainly for the lovely case.  But now I think it would be a shame to change it. 
I have decided it’s great the way it is, old, used and much loved.
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Forgotten Find

Posted on 29 October, 2013

Yesterday our car boot sale outing was cancelled but that lead me to the shocking realisation that I have not shared a few thrift finds from the last car boot sale with you.

I must apologise and I will rectify that immediately!

This is a little toy camera I bought for Ewan the same day that I bought the moldy pictures

..and when you look through the view finder these cheeky chappies show you their bellies and get up to all sorts of fun!!

It was too cute to leave behind!
Ewan chews it happily, a teething sign of approval, I think.

I also picked up this bicycle light because it’s orange, that seemed like reason enough,  and a tea pot. I had shared these two finds on instagram but not here. Again I must apologise!

I have tried to stop myself buying tea pots but the ban has not worked.

I have justified buying this one because it is blue and white like the falcon enamelware which I LOVE.

Plus it is made by Carrigaline Pottery, which was a Cork pottery company that closed in 1979 and therefore these precious commodities must be saved and cherished.

Plus it’s a wee size, which makes it a cute “tea for one” pot which is always nice when you want to treat yourself or you need a bit of TLC.

See, it would have been some kind of insanity to leave it behind!

I picked up a great find today. I’m off to get take some pictures so I can share with you tomorrow.

Friday’s find on Monday

Posted on 28 October, 2013

There was no car boot sale-ing this weekend. Today, is a bank holiday and I had saved my thrifting energy for a car boot sale today. Unfortunately, when Ewan and I arrived we were greeted with this sign!

But never fear I still had a lovely weekend of pancakes, baby theater (more about that later) and catching up with this lovely lady.

Not wanting the grass to grow under my thrifty feet I thought I would share some finds from Friday’s outing.IMG_5289

These are made by a company called Myott which was started by two brothers Ashley and Sydney Myott back in 1898.

The company kept going in one form or another over the years but what interests me was that they started making Ironstone in the 1930’s and this pattern was discontinued in 1982 (the year I was born). So somewhere in that 50 year period these lovelies came into being.

I have been trying to imagine households through the decades thinking where would this pattern fit best.

After hours of searching I still haven’t been able to find the year this pattern emerged. Finally, I realised that I had much more fun imagining than I did tracking the pattern down. I think that half the fun is guessing. It wouldn’t be fun if we knew everything.

How many people have hand washed the scalloped edges of the plates? Where are the others of the set? Did they get lost during a house move? Did they get broken on route to the dinner table?

So many questions that we’ll never get answers to and nor do I want them. I want to guess and imagine, it’s all part of the thrift thrill.

Personally, I like my soup bowls with a dash of nerdy knowledge and waft of imagination.

Myott Son & Co,  Arthur Street Cobridge in the 1930's

Image Credit: The Potteries

The image above is of the Myott company in the 1930’s. I like how the men are chatting while the women go about their business.

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French beauties

Posted on 25 October, 2013

Today, Ewan and I braved the rain and hit the charity shops. Good thing too or else we wouldn’t have found these french pyrex beauties!

 I had taken very lazy shots of the cups beside a poster I picked up in France. But then I thought no, my readers deserve better and I tried again.  Unfortunately, by this time the natural light was gone but since I’m anxious to share them with you I thought we would forge ahead with artificial light:)

There are two things I love about them. The first is that pyrex is so sensible and durable but then it’s a little trickster with the light. It just soaks up it all up and sometimes it catches it and bounces it right back to you.

The second thing I love about them is that when the coloured squares are out of focus they remind me of the red and green lights of an eye test (I desperately need new glasses!)

To top the day off we saw this rainbow…

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Friends visiting and baby theater lie ahead for me, hurrah. 
See you Monday.

Making new stories

Posted on 24 October, 2013

Last week was very glamorous indeed. I went to my first book launch! Lilly Higgins launched her new book Dream Deli. There was delicious food everywhere! Just when you thought you “we’ve had a nice taste, that was lovely” more arrived. I met lovely people and it all felt very stylish.
At the weekend I used a spa voucher that colleagues gave me when I left on maternity.I opted for the post natal shrink to fit treatment! I was moisturised, puffed and buffed. The lavish pampering was followed by afternoon tea with a friend whose expecting her baby tomorrow! We lingered over tea and trays of delights while talking of things to come.
All of this felt very opulent and most unusual. A few weeks ago, the cold weather came by and by Thursday  I realised that it had been three days since I had left the house. Spending time at home with Ewan is lovely but it can also be tough at times. For me there is always an excuse to stay at home, he is due his feed, I need to get clothes washed and dried, it’s raining etc etc.
So that morning I packed up the car,changing bag, a flask for warming his bottles and off we went to Farran Forrest.

It was stunning, not just pretty but beautiful.

It was on of those special autumn day, the kind when the air feels cold and crisp, the sky glows and the leaves crunch under foot.

Ewan initially wasn’t so sure about being outside in this cold but soon relaxed into it.


Today, I’m still in my pajamas at 11 in the morning, that’s okay too.


True Blue

Posted on 23 October, 2013

So when I was out in the garden it was these beauties that I was photographing.

I picked them up in a charity shop a few days ago. Initially, I was drawn to them because I like the shade of blue and the bulb shape of the cup but when I turned them over I knew they had to be mine.
Now, the astute blog readers will of course remember the stamp below.
Hmm,I hear you thinking. The same Celtic stamp but one says Connemara (a rugged district in the west of Ireland) and the other is called Ennis (the main town in County Clare, where my mum grew up). Hmm indeed.
After much internet searching the jury is still out. 
I’ve found that Celtic Ceramics was the trading name of Kilrush Pottery (Kilrush is another town in County Clare close to where my granny is living). According to a government debate Celtic ceramic came about because “in 1961 a group of very enthusiastic Clare businessmen, with a group of German businessmen, set up a pottery plant in Kilrush. That was extremely successful. There was great hope at the time in the south west Clare area because at that stage the Kilrush pottery factory was seen as something that would replace the emigrant boat to England and America. It operated very successfully and in 1976 it was taken over by Rosenthal.” Unfortunately this debate was about the companies closure which happened in 1983.
So I am still left with the question about why the same company had different marks. My guess was that Kilrush Pottery named different collections after different areas in the west of Ireland. But then I found a pottery forum (yep, this is how I spend Ewan’s nap times!) which said that the company was set up to encourage employment and economy in the west of Ireland and they had locations in Ennis, Connemara and Limerick. 
So whether these pieces were made in Kilrush or Ennis, whether or not they had three locations or one, they are pretty, they sing practicality and I loved photographing them.
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