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So when I was out in the garden it was these beauties that I was photographing.

I picked them up in a charity shop a few days ago. Initially, I was drawn to them because I like the shade of blue and the bulb shape of the cup but when I turned them over I knew they had to be mine.
Now, the astute blog readers will of course remember the stamp below.
Hmm,I hear you thinking. The same Celtic stamp but one says Connemara (a rugged district in the west of Ireland) and the other is called Ennis (the main town in County Clare, where my mum grew up). Hmm indeed.
After much internet searching the jury is still out. 
I’ve found that Celtic Ceramics was the trading name of Kilrush Pottery (Kilrush is another town in County Clare close to where my granny is living). According to a government debate Celtic ceramic came about because “in 1961 a group of very enthusiastic Clare businessmen, with a group of German businessmen, set up a pottery plant in Kilrush. That was extremely successful. There was great hope at the time in the south west Clare area because at that stage the Kilrush pottery factory was seen as something that would replace the emigrant boat to England and America. It operated very successfully and in 1976 it was taken over by Rosenthal.” Unfortunately this debate was about the companies closure which happened in 1983.
So I am still left with the question about why the same company had different marks. My guess was that Kilrush Pottery named different collections after different areas in the west of Ireland. But then I found a pottery forum (yep, this is how I spend Ewan’s nap times!) which said that the company was set up to encourage employment and economy in the west of Ireland and they had locations in Ennis, Connemara and Limerick. 
So whether these pieces were made in Kilrush or Ennis, whether or not they had three locations or one, they are pretty, they sing practicality and I loved photographing them.
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