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I went to two car boot sales yesterday. I had some successes and some loses. In the loses department I bought two framed prints. Both of which were mouldy, their frames not particularly attractive and the picture stuck to the glass when I tried to take them from the frames. Not disheartened I tried to clean the prints, black mouldy dust rose from them. I then tried to separate the glass from the frame but the rusty nails holding it all together kept poking me. As I stood over them inhaling air borne mould, I thought, maybe these were a mistake.
I get overly enthusiastic and think everything is not only a bargain but a must have. Sometimes it’s okay not to buy anything.

Lessons learnt by mould in your nostrils are lessons worth learning.

On the upside I found these lovely hand painted nesting dolls. 
These Russian dolls made in Kusadasi, Turkey and bought in a car boot sale in Cork, Ireland.

Here is a close up of the mum and dad…

They are not the cheeriest looking family but it makes me cheerful to look at them.

Since these beauties have come into my life I have been looking up how they are made.(I can get a bit nerdy about these things). Nesting dolls are made from one piece of wood “ because the expansion-contraction characteristics and moisture content of the wood are unique; making a set of dolls from different pieces of wood would result in a set that almost certainly would not fit together properly.  Also the process begins with the smallest doll. It’s her her shape and size that determines all the other dolls that follow. You can find out more here

There are some more finds to come but for the moment I have a wee man who has got his injections today and needs a bit of TLC.

PS. I’ve been linking up with A Cottage Market, We call it junkinA Living Space and Sir Thrift Alot.

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