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I spent Ewan’s morning nap time photographing the Arklow pieces for the shop outside so I was very glad to come in doors, defrost and do some research on the biscuit tin I picked up last week in a second hand shop.

When I was in the shop the first thing that struck me about the tin was the price. I thought it was far too expensive for a tin and unhanded it quickly. But with a second glance and a look at the beautiful vintage buttons inside I was hooked.


The biscuit tin is made by the British Biscuit makers, Huntley and Palmers of Reading and London. After much research I think it dates from mid 1950’s. You can check out the workbasket tin here. What do you think? Is it a match?

In their 150 years in business they made emergency biscuits for the British Antarctic Expedition, led by Captain Scott. They kept going through two World Wars and swapped making biscuit tins for artillery shell cases during the first World War. The factory even made it to the big screen in the film Bugsy Malone.

Image credit :University of Reading
My favourite anecdote about the company was that the factory was such a big employer in Reading that the town became known as the biscuit town and their football team were the Biscuit Men!
A team name that was bound to strike fear into even the bravest of opponents!

vintage biscuit tin

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