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Today, marks the first day I am on Facebook. I have avoided it for years and last night I broke. I am not on it as Ann Marie. Instead the Thrifty Amos shop has a page.

I am slowly figuring it out and what all the buttons do. I have three “Likes” and no idea how to build that number. I think that’s okay though. For the moment I am just going to see what happens.

This blog feels all mine and this is where I want to put my time, energy and creativity. If Facebook doesn’t suit me or starts to take up too much time well, I can always go on a course to figure out how to delete the page!

Back to much more important things. I only had a quick dip into the second hand shops as I had a very specific list of things to get to finish my Christmas shopping. I’m finished my shopping, well bar all the food, drink and one last present but finished enough to feel I could leave town holding my head up high.

So what did I find in my quick dip in…

Yep not one but two Big Eyed prints. It was the jaunty walk, french scene and four leaf clover that sold it to me.

And the manic cat of course. To top off the retro vibe I got these lovely retro cups made by Tams in England.

In a surprise bout of organisation the prints are already in the shop!!

I am off to share with  Living Space ,ThrifterMakerFixerFarmer,Sir Thrift AlotMe and My Shadow and We call it junkin


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