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Yesterday I deleted a photograph of myself from Instagram.  I deleted it because I didn’t like how I looked. Once it was gone from public eyes I thought, yet again, about my decision to post photographs of Ewan here and on Instagram.

Whenever I think about posting photographs of Ewan I stumble. I find myself googling “Ethics of Posting Photos of Children Online” and other similar topics to see if I can find someone else’s opinion, set of rules or guidance to adopt as my own.

The truth is I’m lost on the topic. I have read the extra vigilant view, which is to never ever put photographs of your children online. The consensus of this group seems to be, Why share images of your child with strangers? Your asking for trouble! I read the somewhat more moderate view if you do put up pictures publicly be selective, no bath photos, no potty training,  no identifying factors (school uniforms etc), no swim suits and above all no nudity of any kind. Then there is the “don’t be silly” but up anything you want, these are children what’s wrong with celebrating that.

Obviously this is something I’ve talked about with Steve and he doesn’t have a problem with it. He would agree not having identifying photos of where we live etc but the general concept of putting photos online of Ewan doesn’t worry him.

My parents have a similar view but would express added concern that they are anxious that I would really consider what photos I post of him.

For me I feel there are constant “threats” that the world of parenting blogs warn you about. Some feel more real than others and for me, at this point in time, photos on the internet do not feel like a real and immediate threat. As he gets older I may review these decisions. For me my blog is new and it still feels small and personal. If I start to get extraordinary reader numbers or if others use the photos of Ewan I post then maybe I’ll have to reconsider.

I think what keeps me coming back to it is not so much about the threats, real or otherwise, it’s about Steve and I being the deciders and trying to be okay with that.
If I don’t like a photo of myself on my instagram account I can choose to delete it. If I really don’t like a photo of me that a friend has posted I pester them to take it down.

For the moment at least I get to choose what photos I post of Ewan. I will have plenty of opportunities to embarrass him in real life and I never want this blog to be a source of embarrassment or discomfort for him in the future. But at this point in time Steve and I are the decision makers. We decide when he naps (although he can protest strongly on this point), what he eats, who he sees, where he goes, when he baths etc And with a lot of decisions I think you have to do what your comfortable with and for the moment I’m comfortable with all the photos I have shown you of him and the context in which I show them. So for now at least I’ll put the alarmists, the moderates and the easy goers aside and follow my gut.

After saying all of that I’d still love to hear what you think?Where would you draw the line?

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