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Through the wonders of Etsy (more specifically the last of my Etsy voucher) my life is now complete with a Fisher Price tape recorder.  A household essential I’m sure you’ll agree!

This beauty arrived from the U.S of A last week to great applause, well from me anyway.  Ewan greeted it with equal measure of wonder and suspicion as he tried to figure out what kind of sorcery is this music box?

Fisher price cassette recorder, brown and tan

It’s even better than I hoped and turns out to be pretty indestructible although Ewan seems determined to test that theory.

It came with eleven tapes so I’m becoming acquainted with Velveteen rabbit and American versions of nursery rhymes which make London Bridge sound like a country and western song!

IMG_4071 IMG_4076


In anticipation of the arrival of this marvel of modern technology I raided the attic at home and dug out mixed tapes that Steve had made for me when we started going out and ones from friends.

mixed tapes

As a teenager getting a mixed tape was a  very big deal.  I lived on a music diet of Meatloaf and The Monkees so my musical horizons needed a bit of expansion. Luckily I had wise music friends willing to help.

Despite being shown a world of Pearl Jam, Beck and even Laurent Garnier (who I coined the shampoo man) I still love The Monkees. Yes, they couldn’t play and by the way they moved I’d guess they barely had rhythm but with classic tunes like this one what’s not to love!

Okay, I will admit they have a cringe element (even the guy in the hat looks mortified!) but everyone needs a bit of cringy goodness every now and again!

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