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We’re all going on a summer holiday…

Posted on 18 July, 2014

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Yes it’s true, we have picked the weekend of  “heavy showers, thunderstorms with hail which may lead to local flooding, disruption or possible damage” to start our summer holidays!

Steve, Ewan and I are taking two weeks holidays in Ireland this means we are packing wellingtons, swim suits, waterproof jackets and factor 50 spf sun tan lotion. We are ready for all an Irish summer can give us!

The shop is  “on vacation” too.  For those of you wondering whether or not I achieved my goal of getting 20 items into the shop before holidays lets just say 0/20. There is definitely some room for improvement there!  But holidays are a time to leave guilt behind so I’m officially clocking off for two whole weeks as of now:)

Two weeks is a long time in internet world, don’t forget me I’ll be back!

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PS. Thank you to everyone so far who has left a comment or sent an email about the stretch mark post. Getting feedback has  made me feel  sorelieved ( I was so nervous to post it!) , thank you!

Stretch Marks

Posted on 16 July, 2014


Yesterday I read this blog post about a woman who put up pictures of herself in her bikini. She describes it as “It was meant as a positive body image post … one that would hopefully inspire some of my readers to think blimey, if Kate has the courage to wear a bikini when she’s a size 18 woman who’s had 2 children, and she’s not ashamed, then maybe I will too.”

Her article was picked up by a larger forum and she got some great support and negativity. She wrote a response post to the reaction she got and as I read on it was this paragraph that spurred me to run upstairs throw on my bikini and write the post I’ve wanted to write for a while…

“We should all be talking about how we feel about our bodies, and encourage each other, not disparage and judge so, if I may … could I possibly ask the writers amongst you to think about putting down your own thoughts about this subject in your own blog post (or even just on paper if you don’t blog).”

You can read her full article here and her bikini post here.

So here it goes, my thoughts on my post baby body.

When Ewan was first born I was all the usual things of excited,scared, in awe, in love and mixed in with all that  was grief. I looked at my body and felt grief. Where was my other body, the one I had before. Someone had drawn lines all over this one I want my old body back. When I was pregnant I didn’t care about the stretch marks. I felt full, abundant and as the marks grew I knew my baby was growing. Once he was born and for months afterwards the marks were all I could see.

I  felt shamed, not shamed about my body but shamed that I was even thinking about my body. I had this beautiful baby boy. Any positive image posts that I read online about a post-baby body were centered around gratitude. You have your baby be grateful. Aren’t you so lucky? Bodies are amazing, be grateful. As well as the gratitude tale I came across the tiger stripes image, again and again. I hated this image.

stretch marks

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The same image is also used in ads for surgery but without the text written across her stomach. I left the tigers where they were and started looking for creams, lotions, potions that would get rid of my stretch marks. I read hundreds of product reviews online, watched endless you tube reviews.

I have stretch marks nearly everywhere thighs, legs,bum. belly, hips,boobs. I felt that nobody else  had it as me, that I was the only one and comparison to other stretch mark images just made me more convinced. But I was also determined it wasn’t too late. The creams I had used during pregnancy were cast aside and I started squandering a fortune on more expensive creams with definitive statements like “Goodbye Stretch Marks”.

When these didn’t work I started to look into laser surgery. I would lose sleep over how I would rid myself of these marks.

But as time went on I needed my sleep more. Exhaustion kicked in and I just slept. When I was awake I was busy. Ewan was growing, I had set up this blog and the Etsy shop. I now spent my time thinking about whether or not to go back to work and wondering if it was it the right call for me and my newly fledged family. Life took over.

A year later the stretch marks are still there. I never got that laser surgery. I wish I had some feminist cry, I am woman, I love my stretch marks. Or maybe something catchier than that!

The truth is I don’t love them. I wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t there. But I also don’t hate them. I’m coming not to care. My body has squiggly lines on it, some are still purple, some are fading, both are okay with me.

I don’t regret obsessing about them. I do wish I was nicer to myself in those first few months after Ewan was born. I didn’t have to be ashamed that I was thinking about my body. I think I needed to look at them over and over. I needed to care for them by rubbing cream into them. I was, and still am, eternally grateful that I have a healthy boy  but that doesn’t mean the things that used to matter to me suddenly disappear. I am no less grateful because I worry about my body.

 The stretch marks became the part of me that was most cared for. I gave them attention and ignored the rest of me. They’ve had their time now. They can stay or they can fade but I’m glad to say I don’t mind.

If you’ve read all this way thank you.

I would have skipped to the pictures!

Let’s start with a very nervous looking me…


IMG_5184-002 I’m still nervous but I’ve delayed hitting the “publish post” button long enough. Here we go…


Follow Me. It will be fun!

Little habits

Posted on 14 July, 2014

My much hailed Nokia 3100C has died. Sorry to break it to you this way but there is just no easy way to say it! It was sudden and unexpected but time is healing. As a result of this tragic loss I have  moved back to my i-phone. This is temporary but it means I’m back on instagram which is fun:)

Having the phone with a decent camera at hand made me realise that I have a little habit I hadn’t really noticed before. I take pictures of tiles, everywhere! That might sound weird it might even be weird but there you go.

It’s funny to have a habit for years without ever figuring out it’s a habit. This might explain why it’s my dream to go to Morocco. In my head Morocco is the land of delicious chick pea filled food, great mint tea, honey and amazing tiles as far as the eye can see. Because I have no immediate plans to go there so I will have to live with snippets of tiles I have in my photo collection instead…

IMAG0261 image (6) image (7) IMG_1001 IMG_1403 IMG_2558 photo 4 (1)

Do you have any funny little habits?


Reclaiming the wilds

Posted on 10 July, 2014



Recently we have been making an effort to use the garden again. Steve cut down the weeds and nettles that had grown as high as my shoulder. We are never going to be GYO experts or Chelsea flower show contestants but we are making an effort to use the great space we have.

So in the day we’ve been blowing bubbles…

IMG_5128 IMG_5144

and willing the grapes along…


While at night time the grown ups set up an outdoor cinema. It took a lot of effort but Blade Runner has never looked so good (once it eventually got dark!).

cinema 2 cinema 3


Steve swore never again for many sensible reasons (wind blowing the screen, not being able to see the film until half way through, insect bites and the effort of bringing the gear outside). I am very rose tinted glasses about it and thought it was 100% delightful!

outdoor cinema

House Politics

Posted on 9 July, 2014

At the moment the Irish coalition parties are meeting and negotiating a cabinet re-shuffle. There is much  talk about how both leaders have to show strength, authority and come out with a win for their party. It feels much the same as that at home this week.

Ewan and parents have entered a new phase of negotiations. Here it seems the exact topic on the table is uncertain but it  has something to do with new found freedom, restrictions on that freedom, with some form of communication break down in the middle. One party has resulting in kicking, screaming and occasional biting followed by sleep while the other party seem exacerbated and use the sleep time to try and figure out what their next move will be.

Both camps are showing strength but it seems that in these circumstances there is no clear winner. Sources close to the talks say this is a phase and it will pass. All parties remain hopeful!

The majority leaders are putting negotiations away for the night and hitting the ice cream…


Remembering how fun he thought it was when he put the ball in his shoe and walked it around seems to help:)


Caw Caw

Posted on 7 July, 2014

I have been trying to keep myself busy on Sundays  to stay away from car boot sales! I have set myself a deadline that I am to put another 20 items in the shop before my holidays on the 17th of July. It’s 10 days so at a rate of two items a day I reckon that’s do-able but it also means I am staying away from buying things and focusing on selling the items I have already. Sounds fierce sensible I know!

So with that in mind I took myself out of the way of temptation and we headed to Fota Island wildlife park, again! We have been regulars at Fota since Ewan was born. His first trip was when he was 6 weeks old (that one might have been more for us) and we’ve been going pretty regularly since. We really should get a yearly pass at this point!

ewan andfota IMG_5028




Despite the array of animals the outright winner for Ewan were the murder of crows that descended to steal the kangaroos food! He “caw cawed” his way around the park and rocked back and forth anytime he saw a crow! The magic hasn’t worn off either, today he woke up from his nap calling “caw caw” from his crib.


This lady was my favourite, our eyes met across a crowded wildlife park and I felt pretty special:)


Walking obsessed

Posted on 4 July, 2014


A few of you may remember the much debated walking announcement, that was exactly a month ago. In that month I turned into to a walking obsessive. Ewan wasn’t initially overly enamored with the the idea. I’m guessing his thought pattern about the whole thing went like this ” hmm moving my legs like this feels weird. wooooo this feels a little dangerous, Hmm Mum and Dad seem very excited about this way of getting around, hmmm Mum has made up a song with only one line “Ewan is doing his walkinnngggg”  with a cha cha beat, that’s odd, God this is slow, let me just get down, ahhh that’s better, now where was I, oh yes crawl crawl crawl crawl, now I’m getting places”.

His thought process is logical enough.

My thought process was a little more mental. “He can walk, why isn’t he walking? He hasn’t walked without holding my hand in days. Has he forgotten how to do it on his own? Is that possible? Can babies unlearn things? Maybe he won’t do it again.Maybe he thinks he can’t walk unless someone is holding his hand. I have created a dependency. I’m glad I have witnesses to the walking. Why is walking a big deal? He’ll do it in his own time. I wonder when his own time will be. Maybe if I run over here and put a toy on my head he’ll walk towards me”.

Yes I went temporarily insane. I can admit that now.  I think I can only admit that because in the last few days he has picked walking as his first preference way of getting around. I have now realised he did in fact do it in his own time, he did not forget and walking isn’t really a big crazy deal, he’s got this!


Posted on 2 July, 2014

A while ago I picked up this snack set at a car boot sale. I was buying something else and it caught my eye as I was paying so with little thought I bought it.

But when you think about it snack plates are genius. I for one mainly have tea to justify having a biscuit. So a purpose made saucer that holds your snack is not just practical but a necessity. Nowadays, you either have a mug of tea and hold your bikkie or you squeeze it on to the side of your saucer, barbaric really when you think about it!

IMG_4926 IMG_4913

Today I looked up it’s history. It turns out it was made in 1937  by Crown Devon (thank you Google). It’s pretty exciting to find an exact year for something. As much as I love vintage treasures trawling the internet for information about the patterns and dates is very often fruitless so finding an exact year is very exciting!

IMG_4923 IMG_4924

Firstly, it took a long time for me to figure out that 1937 was 77 years ago. My primary school maths has clearly abandoned me! Once I got over  the shock of my mathematical inabilities I started to see what else happened in 1937. In addition to the good people at Crown Devon making tea cups and snack plates the folks at Disney made there first full length motion picture…


Image source

Ray Bans made the Aviators sunglasses available to the public for the first time. Bausch and Lomb had made a version of the Aviators for pilots with green anti glare lenses and plastic frames and in 1937 they got remodeled them for the public with metal frames and the Ray Ban Aviators style icons were born!

aviator sunnies

 Image Source 

The year also saw the Hidenberg disaster. The airship that caught fire and many lost their lives.

I wonder what the snap shots of 2014 will be when people are looking back in 77 years!