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blog awards ireland

Friday morning just got interesting! My post about deciding to give up work and become a stay at home mum has been nominated for Best Post in the Irish Blog Awards. Whoop whoop whoop!!!

Voting has just opened and you can vote once a week! 

The top 10 scoring blogs will go into the finals and be judged by a panel of judges! 

So pretty pretty please vote for me.  Feel free to go all Napolean Dynamite on me and start making Vote for Thrifty Amos t-shirts! Or share it on facebook, twitter,google plus or anywhere you’d like OR even better sit with people and force them to press the Thrifty Amos button and click vote. Whatever you find most effective! 

You can vote here by ticking beside Thrifty Amos and clicking Vote: http://www.blogawardsireland.com/best-blog-post-2014/

So excited!!

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