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When we were on holiday we got to reap the benefits of an amazing organic garden that Steve’s dad has poured hours and hours of work into. The garden is out of this world and has everything you could possibly need. It feed ten people for two weeks and it still doesn’t look bear.

We were given instructions to dig in. So after kilos of potatoes,rocket, peas,broad beans and onions I decided to expand my horizons and try the rhubarb tucked in the back of the garden. Taking this load didn’t even dent in the yield!


It was a hot and muggy kind of day so it was not the time to be skewing or baking . I stood in the spot with the good internet connection and found this recipe for rhubarb syrup from the blog Like Mama Used to Bake.

It was delightfully easy.

IMG_5326 IMG_5330

We had some snazzy lemonade left over from our Pimms adventures  and so a non-alcoholic cocktail (of sorts) was born and it was ggggooooooodddd! Be warned though it is really, really sweet. But if you get the ratio just right the rhubarb is still tart enough to cut through and make it a little edgy:)

Happy experimenting!

rhubarb drink


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