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Moving to Waterford when you’re young means that you quickly learn that the August bank holiday weekend is actually Spraoi weekend. As a teenager I donned the volunteer t-shirt to hand out leaflets, minded performers, costumed up as an alien Elvis or pushed a float, basically anything to get a pass to the “Festival Club” in the Forum. Spraoi was THE event of my teenage social calendar and getting into the festival club to dance the wee hours away was a mission that required almost military planning.

As a grown up I’ve moved away from Waterford and I’m out of the loop of the Spraoi social hot spots but I do still love to go back and check out the parade which finishes the festival.

This year didn’t disappoint either. The theme was “The Waters and the Wild”. It was dark and erry with some light hearted moments thrown in. With 200 costumed performers, stunning floats and many dramatic hand movements you couldn’t help but be lured in.

Spraoi Parade 2014

Spraoi Parade 2014, boar, street festival ireland Spraoi Parade 2014

Spraoi Parade 2014 rabbit street festival

Spraoi Parade 2014

This sly fox tried to lure the lady in front of us back to his den. Luckily she didn’t fall for his charms!IMG_5957 Spraoi Parade 2014, bull, street festival ireland

To round the night off there were more fireworks than you can shake a stick at. Standing in front of us there was a little boy jumping up and down with excitement. I can’t wait until Ewan is old enough to go. It will blow his mind (in a good way:)

Spraoi Parade 2014, fireworks, street festival ireland spraoi 2014, street festival ireland
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