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Etsy Madness

Posted on 30 November, 2014

Things were quiet  on the blog this week because over in the shop things have gone bananas!! Properly, bananas!

First, there was a run of orders….


I thought to myself that was great but that’ll be it for the week now. Then, more orders flooded in.


Just when I thought I was finished, you guessed it, more orders arrived over night.

photo 2 (2)

I realise shops get busier over Christmas but I didn’t think mine would get that busy. Especially because everything seemed to have ground to a halt for a while. I have no idea what has changed but it has been amazingly busy. Thank you to everyone who has bought something or  visited the shop to have a look and thank you to everyone who gave me words of encouragement when it wasn’t going so well!

After all that wrapping and packing I’m excited for all these pieces to reach their new homes! Long live vintage!!

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Irish Blogs I love

Posted on 27 November, 2014

One of the great things about getting nominated for the Irish Blog Awards was sniffing out the competition which resulted in a lot of new Irish blog addictions! There are some great Irish blogs out there that keep me entertained as well as giving me a little gentle push to up my game!

As an aside I want to say again thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the Blog Awards. In the end I came 30th out of 200 and something. (I say two hundred and something because I did a very rough and inaccurate count!). I was chuffed with that and I’m so thrilled that people voted. I have the best readers and I’ve been given such a warm welcome to the blogging world!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Here are some of my favourites Irish Blogs. Some I found through the Blog Awards, some I’ve followed for years and others I stumbled across and got hooked!love irish blog

Vintage: First up is  Brand New Retro. If you haven’t seen this site pop over right now! It’s a site all about vintage Irish pop culture. They are digitising old images, magazines articles and adverts and it’s all completely addictive! Next up isTurquoise Flamingo. I placed the blog in the vintage category but it could fit in nearly all the others too. It’s a great mix of life, vintage and DIY. My favourite posts are the ones of her and her daughter just doing their thing. Next is Thrifted Treasures. I followed her blog when she was in Australia and now she’s moved home to Ireland she falls nicely into the Irish blog category. My favourite thing about her site is when she shows off her vintage collections. It makes me absolutely green with envy, in a good way!

Food : First and foremost is Lilly Higgins, basically I love everything she does and her blog is no exception. It feels like a nice relaxed space that is filled with cakes, what’s not to love.  Next up is  Edible Ireland, I was hooked as soon as I saw her banner heading. It makes me smile everytime I see it! I have also just bought her book Slainte which is a complete guide to Irish craft beer and cider and my only regret is that it is a present for someone else! Next is  Eat well Travel Far Love Often, for me this site is just food porn. I’m all about image when it comes to this blog everything makes me make that “homana homana” noise!

( I’m trying to keep it to three a category so I won’t mention that I also love Like Mam used to Bake!)

Fashion : I came across Rua Ruth through the blog awards and I’m hooked. Some of my recent favourites are Dublin’s loveliest loos and I’m waiting with baited breath for more photos from her recent trip to Marrakesh!  Pink Elephant is not to be confused with either the restaurant in Cork or the very strong beer with a pink elephant as its logo. My favourite thing about their blog is their Penneys  Picks, who doesn’t love Penneys! Next is Teddy and Alex  all I will say is go forth and swoon!

Parenting : The first is Ouch my Fanny Hurts. As you might be able to tell from the title of her blog she doesn’t hold back on the honesty front and she makes me laugh out loud. Similarly,  The Airing Cupboard is a straight talking parent blog and this is definitely my kind of parenting blog. No pretense, mess, poo, sleep deprivation anything goes! (Plus I love her “About” page and pretty much just want to copy it!).  Office Mum is another firm favourite. My addiction to the blog started with her Office Mum Stories section. It’s a series of interviews with mum’s living in Ireland who work full time or part time (with some stay at home mum’s too) and I find it compelling!! If you want to know how Mums in Ireland juggle their lives and how they feel about it then pop over and have a look.

Last but not least I have two other favourites that I want to mention one is Evin Ok. It’s a crafty blog with life put in the mix too. One of my favourite recent posts was where she asked readers to complete a survey about which potential book cover they prefer.  I love a good survey, I actually do! It’s one of life’s underrated pleasures if you ask me! Anyway, the cover I voted for ended up as the choosen cover and I like to think that every vote (especially my vote) counts!  I will leave you with Foxglove Lane and all I can say is that I dare you not to be impressed!

Phew!  I have a bigger Irish blog addiction than I thought.

Now your turn, what are your favourite Irish blogs? Who have I missed?

If you have a blog feel free to take the image and make your own Irish blog love list. I’d love to see!


Oh me oh my what a wreath

Posted on 24 November, 2014

Last week a goodie pack arrived at my door from the Oh me Oh my DIY team. They have made their very first DIY home tutorial video. It’s a floristry online workshop which talks you through how to make a festive wreath. Once you purchase, they send you a kit of  the bits and bobs you’ll need and a code which allows you to watch the tutorial given by Jill (the nice florist from the workshops) who walks you through each step.

In the interest of all things true and Christmassy I will declare that I got mine for free. But I did resolve not to blog about it unless I actually liked it and thought that other people might like it. So as you may have guessed by the fact I’m blogging about it I’m pretty pleased with myself and it smells amazing!

On the website they don’t seem to give you a full list of what’s in the starter pack so I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Well okay  I might just spoil it a little because here’s a sneaky look at some of the goodies….

photo 3

.. and I will spoil the surprise a bit more and  say that all you need to add is greenery.



Greenery is also where I went wrong. On my first trip out foraging I forgot/ ignored Jill’s advice and just picked anything green that wasn’t grass. This was a mistake.  Once I listened to the video again I realised that this nothing like what she said. Jill is wise in all things floristry and I should have listened! The first result was a sad wreath that  withered as I was making it. Undeterred by my poor attention span I set off again this time listening to Jill’s advise and getting some extra advice from Ewan’s Oma (whose garden I also raided).


Hydrangeas were not part of the original plan but they are just so beautiful that I ad-libbed a little!



As I’ve attested here before Jill is a great teacher and mixes in the tips and tricks with gentle reminders to just get creative. I took ages doing it, not because it’s hard, but because it’s really fun.

I’d never made a wreath before and they are always pretty pricey so I’ve never bought one either. For my first ever wreath I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the end result!  (Also I’m not sure if they did this on purpose but I got so much stuff in the goodie bag that I’ll have enough for next year too! )

So if your wanting to bring a bit of DIY to your Christmas cheer this year but like me you haven’t got a green finger on your body then I can definitely recommend giving Jill, and the bumper pack she comes with, a go! She’ll talk you through the twists and turns of making your very own Christmas wreath. God, I wish Christmas was tomorrow!!!!IMG_8383


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A week in Photos

Posted on 21 November, 2014

Luckily this week has been significantly healthier than last week. No-one has careered off anything or all fevers and bugs have dissipated! Instead we’ve got back to normal life. With music groups, parent and toddler groups and swimming sessions a go-go it’s nice to enjoy the times in between with something a little less hectic. In true Irish style the weather is throwing everything at us so we enjoyed some wanderings in the low winter sun…


..some unsuccessful and chilly foraging for my next DIY project…

IMG_8274… some lingering fog…


.. and when the rain came we just made a tent and hit the books!

IMG_8309 photo

This weekend I plan to raid Steve’s mum’s garden to make a wreath. More on that to come. So in the mean time have a relaxing couple of days:)

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Where is Ewan?

Posted on 19 November, 2014

For those of you wondering where Ewan has gone rest easy, he’s just having a nap. In truth I’ve so busy trying to keep him in one piece that I have forgotten to photograph him. Between last week and today he had an almighty fall in the changing rooms of the swimming pool, had seven health professionals peer over him, a fever,some kind of bug and more episodes of Fireman Sam than I ever thought possible.  The end result is he’s totally fine.



For my part I am now feeling fine about it all. After his fall I felt incredibly guilty. I went through all the possible alternatives for how I could have prevented it but in truth sometimes accidents just happen. Everyone telling me that last week meant nothing but I’ve got a good grip of myself now and  I’ve gotten over it. He bounced back within hours and while my bruised ego took a little longer to heal we are both back to ourselves again.


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Busy on Etsy

Posted on 17 November, 2014

At the weekend I put the head down and started doing some work in the shop. It felt really  good to tackle my to-do list. I’m still not close to having everything listed in the shop but I am certainly an incy bit closer than I was this time last week and that feels really good.

The shop is now filled with everything from 1930’s snack sets, to a cosy house , to the very latest Arklow Pottery installment!

PicMonkey Collage 2

I have also had a few trips to the post office to say goodbye to a few vintage treasures so pop over to the shop to see if your favourites are still there!


Big news in Bubbles

Posted on 14 November, 2014

Prepare to be wowed!! Bubbles stick to the wet ground outside!  I had looked at bubbles in the bath and popped my fair share in my time but the fact they stick to the ground outside blew my mind. I mean this actually made me squeal!

After googling it (yes, I had to google it!) something wet can touch the wall of a bubble without taking any water away from the bubble but something dry absorbs the water and makes a hole. You may already know all this in which case life must be pretty great and you must really enjoy damp weather!

I am a total big child but look….

IMG_8166 IMG_8169 IMG_8168





Now, that I’ve shared the perfect mix of magic and science I’m off to watch some pure magical Harry Potter.

Have a bubbly weekend:)

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Tuesday Tune and Stardust

Posted on 11 November, 2014

I was getting this Arklow pottery plate all sparkly and ready for the shop when I noticed the name of the pattern was called Stardust. I am unable to hear the word stardust without thinking of the lines ” We are stardust ,we are golden” from the Joni Mitchell song Woodstock.

When I was in transition year in school a friend and I edited video of clips of Woodstock for a music project. Through the process of  trying to make our edited masterpiece I will always remember this song.  I think it’s so ingrained that I might even be wandering the corridors of a nursing home singing this well into my 80’s!

I choose the Crosby Stills and Nash version purely based on a better video, no offence to Joni was meant!


Harder than it looks

Posted on 10 November, 2014

image (13)


Today has been a test. It’s one of the very few days when I miss going work. I met up with a friend and ex-colleague today and just talking about my old job gave me a fire in my belly. Being a stay at home is definitely the right choice for me at the moment and I think because I’m clear about that I have been reluctant to admit that I do actually miss work.

I used to work as an advocate for people with disabilities and I think regardless of what field I end up working in it will always be an area I feel passionately about. I  felt really privileged in my job that our focus was on working with the person with a disability to help them achieve what they wanted for themselves. We had no other priority and that part of the job was an absolute honour.

Other aspects of the job were less pleasant and often when I think back on the job I think only about the stressful parts. Today I realised that  the job gave me an awful lot too and that it’s okay to miss those parts.

As a stay at home mum I am constantly learning which is great and exhausting all at the same time. Sometimes it feels that we are the perfect team and other days, like today, I feel at sea.

I think part of owning my decision to be a stay at home is to be honest about it all. Yes, sometimes it feels so easy and wholesome with cookies in the oven and sing songs and other times it’s so incredibly hard that going outside feels like an ordeal.

Today, the penny dropped that it’s okay to miss parts of my old job too. At some point I will want to work full time again and the more I think about what I enjoyed about work the easier it’ll be to think about what kind of job I want to go for.

The end of the day called for bringing out the iphone for a round of selfies and ,now that he’s in bed ,a VAT OF TEA. To coin a cliche tomorrow will be a new day.