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Posted on 28 December, 2014

Everyone keeps thinking it is over but I’m not ready to say good bye to Christmas quite yet.

This Christmas was a rosy cheeked delight! Ewan has only had two Christmases but he has mastered the technique of continuous eating with relative ease. He spent Christmas day wandering between all his grandparents, hugging his new toys and randomly declaring “hurray! “. I think it is safe to say he loved it too.

As for me, I made a new word which captures my Christmassy happy place, “brankie”. Brankie is the perfect combination of both brandy and blankie. If  you add in family, a box of quality street and a fire the result is this very smug selfie!


Once we left the house and sought daylight again the frost nipped  at any bit of skin showing. Despite the cold I couldn’t resist stopping at every leaf and hedgerow we came across. Here are just a few of the frosty offerings.

IMG_8912 IMG_8914 IMG_8917Since I’m not ready to stop saying it yet, I’ll say it again, happy Christmas!


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Happy Christmas

Posted on 22 December, 2014

I will bid you adieu for 2014. I hope you have a wonderful break. I plan to eat, drink and be merry as much as the season demands!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the blog, especially to those of you that came back and another big thanks to my shop customers and anyone gave me an encouraging word when it wasn’t going so well.

Happy Christmas to you all and here’s to a happy 2015,xx



Making and Doing

Posted on 16 December, 2014

With the cold weather outside and a make and do fire in my belly I’ve been keeping myself busy inside. First, there was the early morning soda bread baking.

white soda bread, avoca soda bread


Then I  finally bought a tiny little tree to tie to my dinky Mini that I picked up at a car boot sale . It is bizarre how long I have wanted to do this. I bought the Mini this year but before that I had a little blue and white bus that I wanted to do the same thing with and that was back in 2007! Getting a tiny tiny tree was clearly a low priority item! But now that I completed my little car carrying a tree dream it makes me so happy!! (I’m a girl of simple needs)


dinky mini cooper with a tiny bottle brush tree


As I mentioned last week  I have a huge list of projects, recipes and pretty things all  bookmarked sitting on my computer. My bookmarks are highly disordered and range from roast potatoes to corrugated iron art. So without any hope or desire to tackle them all, I am taking on the ones that tickle my interest now.

Given my new found festive cheer I set about making this sparkly Cheers sequin sign I found by A Beautiful Mess. If you don’t follow that blog I’m not sure you are using the internet properly!

But seriously I would recommend it with a word of caution. It is guaranteed to make you feel wholly inadequate. Those girls churn out so many DIY projects that you can’t help but feel like your wasting your life and that there are actually more hours hidden somewhere in the day that you just haven’t found yet.

It took me 7 years to get around to buying a tiny tree and tieing it to a tiny car. 7 years! If I was them I would have bought 50 tiny trees, bleached them and dyed them a range of cute and complimentary colours (they actually did that and it looked amazing!) See, sickening!

But you do have to hand it to them their DIY projects are cheap and in this case very cheerful!



You can see their full tutorial here. I got a bit confused at the first step with figuring out the correct text to use. They advised using Function Pro Bold. I’m guessing this is a choice on Apple computers? Being a Microsoft Word girl I didn’t have that font option so I went for Arial and sized it to 600. This worked for me.

diy cheers sequin sign, a beautiful mess

If you do fancy making this be sure to stretch your sequin trim as you go. I didn’t and ended up  used 4 metres of trim while they used one yard (less than one metre!).

gold sequin trim

The big pluses of making this were I got to play with my glue gun, it’s doable in one nap time  (if you have enough trim!) and it actually turned out like it was meant to.  The end result has sparkled up the hallway and makes me smile every time I pass it.

gold sequin trim cheers sign DIY gold sequin sign



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A week in festive photos

Posted on 12 December, 2014

This week has been the most Christmassy I have felt in years. Ewan is old enough this year to start getting into the excitement of it all. He doesn’t fully understand the hullabaloo but he knows it comes with lights, balls (baubles) and horsies (reindeers).

IMG_8467 IMG_8483

To add to the Christmas cheer Santa came to the parent and toddler group today. I, for one, was crazily excited about the whole thing.

photo 5 (1)

Ewan was not too sure at all but the tears were few and short lived so I’ll take that as a roaring success! In between the festivities I’ve been making a few more trips to the post office thanks to a few new customers of the shop.


After last week it is so good to be back to normal and be able to go out and about again. Oh how I missed the outside world.


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Crafty Christmas

Posted on 8 December, 2014

This Christmas I want to re-kindle my crafty spirit. Throughout the year I have bookmarked so many projects with the niggling feeling that I’m not really going to do it. Well no more.

It’s time to get my craft on. Between now and Christmas things are going to get super crafty around here!!

First up is a tiny pine cone tree! I have seen tutorials online for pine cone trees that involve styrofoam cones and sheet moss. This is a bit  elaborate  for my humble mantel piece so I simplified instead. I gathered small pine cones from fallen branches at Steve’s parents garden (yet again the source of my crafty adventures).

Next, I took the screw top of a wine bottle (I’m a classy lady) and got my glue gun out and started sticking.

diy pine cone christmas tree

I bought a glue gun at the weekend and I frankly have no idea how I got into my 30’s and never owned one. It’s so fun and easy to use that  I started looking around the house to see what else I could glue!



You can see I made a little paper tree to give myself a guide as to the height and base I wanted. It turned out this was a totally unnecessary step so don’t worry about it!

Next, you just layer  the pine cones on top of each other reducing the number of cones as you go. Be sure to keep a particularly cute little cone aside for the top. I roped Steve in to make the cardboard star for the top and hey presto!

diy small pine cone christmas tree IMG_8459-001

I then got out my magic box of tricks which is filled with old cake decorations, sequins, buttons, string and other random things and started spreading the joy around the mantle piece.

diy pine cone christmas tree and button garland diy pine cone christmas tree and button garland IMG_8442 diy pine cone christmas tree and red tin christmas train

The little train came from a Cork online shop called Style 25. She is between premises at the moment and has set up a glorious online shop in the mean time. So if you fancy supporting a small Irish business and add to your Christmas cheer then pop over and have a look.

While your there I’m going through my bookmarks to find my next excuse to use my glue gun!

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Raisin Diet

Posted on 5 December, 2014



This week we have resisted all kinds of movement or activity. Ewan has been sick since Monday night and the couch has been our home since. Fireman Sam has looped over and over again and he has decided that he can live only on raisins and all other food types have been dismissed as undesirable.

Life has been pretty slow. The days felt long and we have all forgotten the joys of a good nights sleep. I noticed all was not normal when I caught myself getting excited about going to the post office!

On the upside he has got the all clear from the doctor today, he is going to be totally fine and by all accounts he’ll be back to himself in a few days. Added to this it’s the weekend, the shop is newly re-stocked, a wonderful friend is visiting and Steve and I are buying a Christmas tree as an excuse to crack open the mulled wine and  most importantly WE WILL BE LEAVING THIS COUCH!!

Hurray1  Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you too dive into the mulled wine. Tis the season!

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