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I’ve started a blog.

As a worrier by nature I’ve been fretting.

What will I write about for the first post? Should I introduce myself? Is that dull?  Should I say that I am unsure where to start or does that sound like I’m lacking in conviction and will give up after a week? Should I have some kind of mission statement or should I just start it and see where it takes me?

I opted for the start it and see approach.
I decided to go back and looked at the blogs that I enjoy. How did they start?
I started close to home with Irish blog writer Lilly Higgins . I came across Lilly Higgins through her first book, Make,Bake,Love ,which is covered in food splatters from use!  Later, I discovered she has a lovely foodie blog. It was a relief to hear her saying she too was nervous about starting. She stated her nerves then dived right in with a tale of cheese.
Enthused, I kept going. I have been following  A Cup of Jo  for years. She writes so naturally that I feel like I know her (how creepy of me!). Her first post was straight in there with her New Years plans of staying in and baking cookies. No frills just a quick and snappy post that began with a little peek into her life.Then I turned to my gateway drug of the blog world, Design Sponge. I first knew I had a problem when I used to queue for an extraordinary amount of time for the computer lab in college just to check out the new posts. It’s just as well that I didn’t have a computer at home so I could limit my design sponge soakage and actually finish college.After much searching through Design Sponge I found the founder, Grace Bonney’s first post where she lists her favourite designs, all kinds of everything that turn her head and why. It’s great to see how her blog has grown yet some of the staples keeping their place.

So, it looks like there isn’t an unwritten rule about how to start a blog. It seems you can start a blog however you like and what it will become will happen with time.I’m going to follow A Cup of Jo’s advice and write so my family and friends would recognise my voice. I’m Irish so I’ll try and sound and even spell like it. My favourite colours will have “U”‘s and I will recognise the S (not Z) in recognise!

With a beautiful, teething, baby boy things don’t always happen to plan but I will do my best to post very regularly.

I will invite you to nosy around my house as I have been doing to strangers on design blogs for years, I will
let you know how this new parenting thing is going and if I find something great when I’m second hand shopping I’ll rush home to tell you.

So here we go, a post about first posts and we are off.Thank you,
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