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Recently a friend asked me if I liked being pregnant. I enthusiastically answered that I LOVED it. I absolutely loved being pregnant. This is not unusual, a lot of people love it but I never thought I would. As I teenager, and even in my twenties, I insisted that I was never going to have children, never ever. If I managed to stretch my imagination to having a baby I thought of pregnancy as a phase to be endured, something that women just had to put up with.

So once Steve and I decided to try for a baby I started to worry about how I would feel if I actually got pregnant. Would I still feel enthusiastic if it was a reality rather than an idea?

Well, the answer came when I did a pregnancy test while we were on holiday in the camping site bathroom in Cape Clear, a little island of the south west coast of Ireland.

It was a miserable day, we weren’t sure if the ferry was going to run as there was a heavy storm the night before. But the ferry did run and we bounced across the sea for 45 minutes. We piled our stuff into the yurt and I went straight to the bathroom with my pregnancy test in hand.

When I came back to the yurt I waited with Steve for the result. When it read pregnant I felt … calm.

I was thrilled, of course, a little disbelieving ( a second test was done) but overall calm, peaceful even. As I mentioned before I’m a worrier. So I would have guessed that news such as this would have sent me into a tail spin of worry and “what if’s”.

But it didn’t. It all felt right, really right.

When I made the big announcement Steve, who was still recovering from sea sickness, he said “great, ah sure we knew that though didn’t we” and with that he put the kettle on for celebratory cuppa tea. (I am still confused by how he was so confident).

We lit a fire (yes, the yurt had a stove, it was amazing!) Steve and I sat for the evening with the rain bashing against the yurt talking about what it would all be like, growing a baby, the sleepless nights to come, how our collective poor vision means our child would definitely need glasses,  were there any twins in our families, all the important things:)

And so began being pregnant and I loved it,.

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