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Last week was very glamorous indeed. I went to my first book launch! Lilly Higgins launched her new book Dream Deli. There was delicious food everywhere! Just when you thought you “we’ve had a nice taste, that was lovely” more arrived. I met lovely people and it all felt very stylish.
At the weekend I used a spa voucher that colleagues gave me when I left on maternity.I opted for the post natal shrink to fit treatment! I was moisturised, puffed and buffed. The lavish pampering was followed by afternoon tea with a friend whose expecting her baby tomorrow! We lingered over tea and trays of delights while talking of things to come.
All of this felt very opulent and most unusual. A few weeks ago, the cold weather came by and by Thursday  I realised that it had been three days since I had left the house. Spending time at home with Ewan is lovely but it can also be tough at times. For me there is always an excuse to stay at home, he is due his feed, I need to get clothes washed and dried, it’s raining etc etc.
So that morning I packed up the car,changing bag, a flask for warming his bottles and off we went to Farran Forrest.

It was stunning, not just pretty but beautiful.

It was on of those special autumn day, the kind when the air feels cold and crisp, the sky glows and the leaves crunch under foot.

Ewan initially wasn’t so sure about being outside in this cold but soon relaxed into it.


Today, I’m still in my pajamas at 11 in the morning, that’s okay too.


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