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Now, firstly let me address the word “thrifted”. I have said before that I’m Irish and will sound like it. Irish people go second hand shopping, car boot sale-ing or you might do the charity shops of an afternoon. So why use, the not so Irish word, thrift?

I like it.

The self-proclaimed title of “thrifty amos” makes me feel economical, savvy even, all the while referencing my many second hand shopping outings in search of vintage treasures.

Which leads me to one of my latest finds…

When I bought them I didn’t recognise that they were Arklow pottery. I hadn’t even looked at them properly, I just thought they were pretty and rushed to the counter. Generally this is a terrible idea when thrifting, but this time I lucked out.

Arklow Pottery was a pottery company based in County Wicklow founded in 1934. Unfortunately, they stopped production in 1998 .There’s an interesting article written that year about how Arklow pottery exported 70 per cent of their goods to North America as the american market had more of a taste for the traditional Irish pottery than Irish people had. Maybe that’s true, and in fairness many of their patterns sport green shamrocks, something many Irish people try and avoid.

Well, I for one think this little set is beautiful and I feel so lucky to have found them.

I have shared these finds with Sunday View, it’s a great site and worth a look.
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