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I bought this vase at a car boot sale some time ago and I have been thinking of how to photograph it.

I think it would look at home in the seventies. So I brought out the typewrite and old telephone I have to try and set a scene. But the shots never seemed to do it justice. So I decided we needed the wonder of natural light. It took a while for all the elements to come together, a bright dry day, a sleeping Ewan and time to spare. Well, yesterday morning was the perfect storm of light, time and sleeping baby, so out I went!

The neighbours are generally very chatty but today when they saw me lying on the patio they didn’t stop for the usual chat!

There are some white paint splatters around the opening that hot soapy water won’t get off. I quiet like the splatters as they look like part of the pattern but I think for the online shop I need to spruce it up a bit. 
I am worried I will damage the glaze if I use white spirits. Any suggestions?

I’m linking up this week with  A Cottage MarketWe call it junkinA Living Space and Sir Thrift Alot they are great to host the link ups and you should definitely check them out.

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