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This weekend I went to Dublin to watch the Irish rugby team in a heart breaking defeat. For those of you that don’t follow a sport I would advise that you keep it that way.it is far too much of an emotional roller coaster. I am pretty sure I aged about ten years yesterday.

Arriving home late today there was a bit of a race against the light. I wanted so much to show you my purchase from last Friday’s madness and luckily I just managed a few shots before darkness descended.

Arklow Pottery cup, saucer and plateirish pottery made by arklow pottery

I love these pieces so much that I got up before dawn and waited in below freezing conditions for hours so that I could snap them up in the window sale.

They made by Arklow Pottery, County Wicklow. I have spoken about Arklow pottery before  and my obsession with the brand has grown and grown. The thought that they closed because there wasn’t a market for their pieces in Ireland makes me think that they were just ahead of their time.

The pattern and detail is so spectacular and so much more interesting than a lot of the newer pottery pieces that make their way to wedding lists.

mint and gold arklow pottery jug

These pieces are so elegant and unique and made right here in Ireland. What’s not to love!

The plates and cups are in the shop and the jug is following soon 🙂

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