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On Sunday morning as the alarm went off I thought to myself “NNNOOOO”. I will not go out in the rain to a car boot sale. I tried to convince myself there would be nothing there. It might be cancelled. It really is very rainy, it could get worse. I’m not sure there’s petrol in the car.

But then the thrifter in me made her case. What about the potential wonders? Light rain won’t deter the sellers, they’ll still be selling. And so despite the fact that the thrifter in me had less arguments I decided to get up and go.

Yes, I did get wet and muddy but my car did have petrol the finds made it was all worth it. Plus it’s kind of fun having the road to yourself because all the sensible people are still in bed.

My first purchase was this little smoothie. Travel irons are definitely a thing of the past. Although not being an ironer I’m not an authority on the subject. All I know is it’s so cute!


It was so much fun photographing this, it’s just so small!! I brought out clothes and tea towels to photograph it in action but they all just distracted for it’s adorableness. I love the cord too (it’s the simple things in life).


Next is this lovely enamel tea pot. The man at the stall was giving me a big sales pitch about how it’s made in Japan, excellent enamel, dates from 60’s (he thinks) etc. and all I wanted to do was give him the money so I could have it. I love it’s shape, the lovely floral patter, the height of the wooden handle. I love the little vent on the lid for steam and even the marks on the lid have their charm. This will be going in the shop. I am going to miss it and I have only had it for a day.


This lovely tea pot is now in the shop.

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