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Today I got soaked. So drenched I had to squeeze my socks dry. To say I got caught in a shower of rain would be an understatement.

I got home dried off and set about making my brass car boot sale finds look pretty. I noticed while doing it that I was pretty grumpy. The photos weren’t working, Ewan couldn’t settle and the battery in my camera was not helping

Then friends arrived unexpectedly with their beautiful baby boy who is the picture of snuggles in a reindeer outfit and all was well again. They are type of friends that you love to see calling even when your lying on the ground in your pajamas trying to take a picture of brass candle stick holder (or possibly vase I can’t decide).

After a much needed cup of tea and chat I bring you two brass ladies.

I owe their shine to the miracles of Brasso. Not only is it strange and wonderful stuff but it’s packaging is lovely too.

These will be coming to the shop soon.

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