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Today has been a busy day of not doing much. It has been most unproductive and most enjoyable.

I plan to go full steam ahead into the Christmas preparations tomorrow but for today I’ll enjoy the snuggles with this little man.
Yesterday I braved the weather for the last of this years Sunday of car boot sales. It turned out that not many sellers decided to do the same. Nevertheless I got some lovely local honey and this curious thing.

This letter opener that was given as a gift in the 1950’s by Asia Trading Co. Waving it around like a swashbuckling giant has been a highlight of today (and some of yesterday too).

I didn’t pick up this glass jar yesterday but in my searching for Brasso to clean the brass that I did buy I found this thrift treasure I haven’t shared yet. Despite the fact that the Belgian spice jar is classy and air tight I decided it needed to be filled with tacky Christmas lights.

Not an obvious choice but when it gets dark so early and your surrounded by Christmas lights it seems like a good idea.

I hope your starting to feel Chirstmassy too.

I’m off to share the green glow and the swashbuckling fun with  Living Space ,ThrifterMakerFixerFarmer,Sir Thrift AlotMe and My Shadow and We call it junkin
Update: Both these items are now in the shop.

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