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I had drafted a blog post about Christmas but then I reconsidered. The original went like this:

“I hope you had a lovely and special Christmas. In this house it was one to remember. It was Ewan’s first, our first Christmas at home and our first time hosting Christmas for our parents.

The self proclaimed results are in and it was a roaring success.”

I then waxed lyrical about how wonderful it all was, how Ewan was amazing and delightful, how Steve had cooked a gorgeous dinner for us and our parents, merging new and old traditions and we finished the evening off with a rousing game of Cranium and brandy.

All of this is true and it really was a very special Christmas.

But sometimes in the land of blogs everything can seem gloriously wholesome and flawless. As an avid blog reader I sometimes think am I the only one whose baby cries, whose hair does very regrettable things and whose Christmas table settings are not pieces of art that make people faint with awe.

So in addition to the outline above, Christmas table setting was fine but did not inspire (see below), I had flashes of grumpiness directed at poor Dad for no particular reason, Ewan was fantastic in the day but woke up at about 10 and was very distressed. We don’t know why exactly, but he woke and screamed  in an earth shattering way for about an hour while four loving and anxious grandparents waited downstairs for news of how he was doing.

My hair was not good at all and in the majority of photos I have a double chin, see below.

But I wouldn’t swap it for a blog perfect Christmas (although I will definitely get my hair done!). I know exactly how lucky I am and I am hugely grateful to have family I love dearly, amazing food and more presents than you can shake a stick at!

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