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My Granny Eileen passed away ten years ago today and I thought I would share some bits of her life with you. 
  • She was widowed at a young age and raised 4 wild boys on her own.
  • Her neighbours were her best friends and they all knew absolutely everything about each other
  • She loved knitting and chatting with the woman who sold her wool. I spent a lot of my childhood when we lived in Mallow (County Cork) playing with buttons in the wool shop while she chatted.
  • If I bought anything made from wool I would be quizzed as to where I got, how much it cost and why didn’t I ask her to knit it for me.
  • She also loved shoes and had an account with a shoe shop that she would pay off bit by bit. There was also I lot of my childhood spent waiting in Barry’s shoe shop while she chatted with the assistants.
  • She loved dancing and was disappointed when I gave up Irish dancing. Although the disappointment didn’t last too long because in her eyes I could do nothing wrong. Later, she blamed the dancing teacher for me giving up so quickly!
  • She ran a hairdressing business from her front room for years. I used to make a pound or two by bringing the ladies in their tea. I’m pretty sure they came mainly for the tea and gossip but they left with a perm too.
  • I was not allowed call her Granny because she was far too young to be a Granny and people might hear if I called her Granny so I always called her Eileen.
I could go on and on but basically she was the best and I miss her dearly.
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