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In January I generally make some small token effort towards leading a slightly healthier lifestyle (note the non- committal language). This year it was not to eat after 8 in the evening. I mainly stick to this but I do sneak the odd biscuit with a cup of tea.

So in an attempt to stretch the commitment somewhat I went to the health food shop and stocked up. Gosh those places are expensive! But the staff were so nice (she even carried my basket) and after her listing all the goodness in everything I already felt healthier.

Once stocked up I made Quinoa and Chia Seed Granola. Ohh la la I hear you say. You’d be right. It’s delicious! I got the recipe from Lily Higgin’s book Dream Deli.  You can see it here too.

homemade quinoa and chia seed granola

I may just break my eating after 8 rule to have a bowl now. It really is yum. Steve even said it’s nicer than any of the ones he’s bought.

(If your cooking it mind those edge bits. Mine burnt but it’s a lesson learnt and the burnt bits add a certain something:)

Hope you have a nutty and seedy weekend:)

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