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After many unsuccessful attempts at photographing these cups I decided to bring them outside. For those of you who were anxious about the amber glass in the tree look away now…

These Royal Tara cups were tricky to photograph inside. Against a patterned background it was all too much and the house just didn’t have enough light to show them off against a white background so after careful consideration, some logistical discussions and help from Steve we were good to go.

Royal Tara are made in Galway in Ireland and are the first Irish pottery company that I’ve featured that are actually still in business.

Although I must confess many of their patterns are not to my taste and heavily decorated with shamrocks. These ones however where different enough and striking enough to catch my eye.

Not only did the sun oblige for photographing them but Ewan was a model assistant and the picture of patience as he watched on, strapped to me, and intrigued.

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