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I wrote a really lengthy version of this post but then thought maybe people don’t want to know what I had for lunch and other such details (sausages,an egg and toast, just in case you really are interested). So here are the highlights.

I sold this tray to a lady who lives in Cork so I met her in town to deliver it this morning. This worked out brilliantly. I didn’t have to post such a large item and she didn’t have to pay any postage. Win, win.  Plus she was lovely and said kind things about the blog and shop. So I skipped home (admittedly in the pouring rain) but this is a good news day so I’ll brush over the weather.

Once home I found dry clothes and Steve had successfully put Ewan down for a nap so I had time for a full  cup of tea. See, it really was the best day. Once awake Ewan and I took to the floor for a play and he crawled for the first time!! It was so exciting I screamed!

By the time the weather started to dry up I had exhausted Ewan by moving all his toys away from him to make him crawl and so he was happy to be a passenger in the buggy. It also meant I stopped squealing with delight for over two minutes. Again I think he was relieved at this too.
While on our thrifting expedition I found two AMAZING bowls. These photos don’t really do them justice but the light was nearly gone so I got a few quick shots to share them with you.

The smaller one on the right is made by Carrigaline pottery here in Cork. It is a bit bruised on the bottom but still beautiful and has the Made in the Republic of Ireland stamp I love so much.

I also found lovely Meakin plates but it’s not possible to torment your son into crawling and photograph lovely plates all at the same time. So the plates lost out.
Other highlights are I got my favourite cake (Lemon Cake from the Natural Bakery) and Ewan snuggled into Steve. Ewan is not a snuggler and on the odd occassion that he does snuggle into the crook of your neck it’s the best feeling ever.
I don’t even care if the weekend is terrible and stormy because today was the best! 
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Today I’m sharing with A Living Space ,Me and My Shadow Sir Thrift Alot, Ivy and Elephants and We call it junkin.

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