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As a thrifter of course I have a fantasy list. A list of things that I think… someday, maybe, just maybe! Top of the list is a Cathrineholm piece, bowl, plate anything. The Cathrineholm factory produced enamel kitchenware that I just love.

The fantasy thrift expedition goes a bit like this. I am rooting through a box of bits and pieces at a car boot sale. I am a bit absent minded, thinking of going home to a cup of warm tea. Then low and behold there it is, at the bottom of the box, a perfect piece of Catherineholm enamelware. I’m so pleased I don’t even want to barter but that doesn’t matter because it’s reasonably priced too!

Unfortunately, it seems for the most part Irish people are slow to part with any enamelware and the likelihood of me finding a Catherineholm piece after all these years is beyond slim but it’s Friday night and a girl can dream.

Realistically, why would people part with beautiful enamelware? You can drop it and it doesn’t break, if it chips the steel underneath oxidises so it’s still safe to use, the older and more battered it is the better it looks, it’s a all round winner.

Below are some of my favourite enamel piece. Some are new, some are old and I love them all…

1. Variopinte Plates
2. Antique French Laundry Soap Holder
3. Falcon Bake Set (I would happily take the Pie Set too)
4. Vintage Enamel Coffee Pot
5. Cathrineholm Plate
6. Another Cathrineholm this time a beautiful bowl
7. A pretty Dansk pot

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
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