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While listening to the radio over breakfast the presenter starting talking about the benefits of babbling to babies. Apparently a new study said that if you babble ( goo goo ahh ahh) to babies they learn more words than babies who aren’t babbled to. He explained that he has his own nonsensical language that he uses with his child who loves it.

Generally I ignore parenting studies but this one made me panic. I don’t babble, I have never babbled, I frown when other people do it. I talk to Ewan but i don’t babble and certainly don’t have a made up language.

So, I was going to engage my child in babbling and hence improve his potential language skills and by the time he’s two he would be a chatting little man. A bit self consciously I started and the got into the swing of things. Ba do go mu lo da da ba do da ( I was on a roll) ……..

This was Ewan’s reaction…

He would raise his head and look at me when I stopped but when I attempted it again I got the same reaction.

For anyone interested the study is here. It turns out the presenter wasn’t quiet accurate and the study says you should talk to your baby one-to-one often and slowly to encourage them to babble.

After reading the study and getting the reaction above I have now stopped babbling and reverted to old fashioned talking.

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