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After much indecision I decided to share my baby bump photos.I feel very self-conscious about the collection because I took them ever before I thought of having a blog. They were only meant for me and I considered keeping them that way.

When I was pregnant I really enjoyed looking at maternity series. In the series I choose to follow the women or their partners were photographers and the beautiful women in them looked so perfect with wondrous hair, a glowing tan, toned arms and shapely legs.

Looking at their photos was my way of eagerly anticipating the fullness of pregnancy that was yet to come but sometimes the perfection of the women and their images left me feeling lacking.

So I thought I’d share my less than perfect photos, snapped in supermarkets, car parks, in front of the bedroom mirror, at a fancy dress party and anywhere I remembered.

They are random photos ranging from when I was fascinated by the size of fruit or vegetable the baby was, all the way to pre-eclampsia ending in the best outcome I could ever have hoped for, beautiful healthy baby Ewan.

Click on any of the images above for the full set (apologies if it doesn’t work so well on a mobile!).

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