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It’s been a busy day and it was a busy weekend but all is well because both the Irish women and men’s rugby teams beat Scotland. The women did exceptionally well.

We donned the Ireland colours and set up the laptop. (I let the team down a little and just wore a green skirt, but I will have my jersey out for next weekend against Wales). We don’t have a television so we rely on the power of the internet to bring us Ireland’s sporting prowess. Despite the fact that the connection cut out at every single seminal moment of the game it was still enjoyable!

In the thrifting world the Car Boot Season has started back! I am more than delighted about this. The start of a rugby tournament and a car boot sale makes for a happy Amos.

Here are the spoils…

Image Map

The image above is yet another image map (I really can’t stop myself!) so feel free to scroll and click away. I am so pleased with myself that the items are in the shop already. Generally they hang around the house waiting for the right light but today I said light be damned and just went with it.
( Although I’m currently looking at this tea pot and these cups which I seem to have missed in my enthusiasm!)

I hope you’ll forgive that nothing here is suspended from anything or bathed in sunlight!

Here’s an aerial shot to mix it up a bit.

Did you have a nice weekend? Any rugby or Superbowl fans out there?

This week I’m sharing with Dagmar BleasdaleWe Call it Junkin and Sir Thrift A Lot.

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