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As my dear city is assessing damages after last nights floods With so many Cork businesses suffering flood damage it’ll be good to shop locally once all the shops can open again. For anyone who missed it the first time around here is my guide to Cork City Vintage Shopping:)

For the moment I am at home safe from the floods on a hill but with a pile of tissues, blankets and a hefty dose of self pity.

In honor of the weather and my cold I have made a stormy night wish list…

1. Donna Wilson Rainy Day Throw. I love Donna Wilson stuff but I wouldn’t buy one in real life because of the cost but this is why they invented wish lists!
2. Nigel Slater’s Hot Toddy. This will be happening about ten minutes after Ewan goes to bed.
3.Avoca Blanket. I splashed out a few years ago and bought a few of Avoca blankets when we went on holiday in Wicklow. I love them all and I’m pretty sure that blankets have magical healing powers. The one I picked here is Cashmere, definitely wish list material!
4. I have long admired these slippers. I keep getting notions about learning to felt and making a pair. Maybe some day.
5. More lemons. I hope to have enough vitamin C in me by the end of the day that my cold just runs out of room and leaves me!
For sustenance I’d pick this dish from Nigel Slater …
Nigel Slater recipe: a casserole of artichokes and pork for deepest winter
.. and this Apple Cider Cake from Edible Ireland….
Ah feeling better already:)
Hope you all stay dry,warm and full of whiskey and lemons:)


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