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In the early hours of Sunday morning I routed out my wellingtons and hit the road. It was a wet and grey morning but Ireland had beaten Italy in rugby the day before so I was feeling optimistic. It’s a strange logic I know!

When I got to the car boot sale I was advised not to park at the back of the field because it had sank and if I parked there I’d never get out! Once I drove away from the man I had no idea what he meant. The only spaces were at the back so I edged on. Once parked I put on my wellies, stepped out of the car and sank a little. Undeterred I gripped my toes and pulled my feet and wellies out of the mud.
After last week’s slim pickings at two car boot sales I was determined to find some diamonds in the rough so on I went.
I was delighted I did, the car boot sale had everything! Chickens, tractor parts, beds, furniture, 200 Winnie the Pooh money boxes, a woman cooking porridge for the neighbouring sellers,  a wolf (well a wolf type dog),a gigantic bronze kettle from India, a chip van, kitchen tables sunk into the mud and waiting for me was some Hornsea Potterry!
I have been waiting since I started buying stock for the shop to come across some Hornsea Pottery. I love their retro patterns and really want them in my shop. I have been searching and searching, finally there it is, mine for the taking.

The company started off in 1949 as two brothers, who had been to art school, making things in their kitchen in the seaside town of Hornsea. Which according to the man who sold it to me is near Hull in the North East Coast of England.  They grew and grew and in their hey day employed nearly 700 people. Not so much a cottage industry after that.

This pattern is called Saffron and I love everything about them! The started producing this pattern in 1970 and it certainly screams 70’s.

Luckily the car managed to get itself out of the mud and these beauties were worth the effort. They weren’t the only thing I found either! Stay tuned this week for “The Staminator” and my shiniest find yet.
(Update: These are now in the shop!)
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