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I mentioned on Monday that I had found my shiniest find ever well wait no longer, here it is. It’s an aluminium tea set with a tea pot,coffee pot and little creamer set. It was made by a company called Sona Ware in Stafford Upon Avon, England. As well as producing these beauties Stafford Upon Avon is the birth place of William Shakespeare,  it is where a 10 year old Gordon Ramsay and where a young Simon Pegg went to college.
While I feel like I know this English town, with an estimated population of 25,505, a bit better I am none the wiser about my aluminset.
What I do know is that it is very hard to photograph. It’s exactly like photographing multiple mirrors with curved edges and trying not to yourself or the camera in the photo. I’m sure there must a trick for photographing reflective things and I’m open to any suggestions.
I decided this 1960’s set was going to reflect it may as well reflect blue skies. I had been longing for a colour other than grey and in the last few days the sun obliged and cleared the sky.
Sona Ware Aluminum Tea Pot with Teak handles
 This lovely set might be a tricky customer to photograph but it was a good excuse to set up a mount of blankets in the garden and soak up some sun with Ewan.
I love Spring. I had nearly forgotten how wonderful sunshine is.
In the mean time I’ll be linking up with  A Living Space ,Sir Thrift Alot , We call it junkin  Ivy and Elephant and Thrifter,Maker,Fixer,Farmer
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