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As I promised yesterday here is the Staminator!!

This is yet another reason I love car boot sales. Not only can you turn up a piece of Hornsea pottery you’ve been longing for but you find things like this that you could never have imagined!!

Harold Laurance was the 1935 British Weightlifting Champion and in the 1930’s he certainly seems to have made the most of his success with products, an Institute of Health and Stamina and publications. He knew to make hay while the sun shines.

On the box it says Patent Applied for but I can’t find any record of it at the patent’s office so maybe things didn’t go so well for the Staminator!

Inside is a strange contraption that I’m yet to fully examine…

and some instructions…
As part of cashing in on his weightlifting glory he wrote a series of instructional pamphlets on health and stamina. One such manual is called Virile manhood : the official organ of the Laurance Institute of Health & Stamina Ltd.”. Not much you can say about a title like that.
Here is the man himself working out on a farm. See how the chickens flock to check out his manly prowess.
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Clearly his time with the Staminator has paid off!
This is too good to keep to myself so I’m off to share with In the mean time I’ll be linking up with A Living Space ,Sir Thrift Alot , We call it junkin and Thrifter,Maker,Fixer,Farmer
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