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I’m trying to save my thrifty pennies for the trip to Berlin so this week has involved a lot of staying in (excluding St Patrick’s day of course!) and staying out of second hand shops, antique shops and flea markets!

I’m not sure it’s entirely logical to stay away from potential vintage goodies here so that I can buy things 1,963 kilometres away but logical or not it’ll be an adventure!

Staying away from shops means trying to entertain Ewan at home. The best excitement for him is being outside. It wins hands down every time! I don’t even have to be entertaining. The passing birds, planes and sirens are enough to make him happy and curious!

It has also kept my idle hands busy. The garden is still a mess but now it’s a mess with seeds in it.  I’m starting off some seeds in the glass house and hoping to have amazing things to show you by summer! Fingers crossed.
There is nothing major to report yet on the 100 bluebells but I’ll keep you posted!

Despite the fact that it’s the first day of spring the weather is a mixed bag so here is how we have been keeping ourselves entertained when the rain or cold have driven us inside.

At this point in time everything is new to him and he is taking it all in so much more than before. Sometimes I feel pressure to show him so many new things as I can,to find a new activity, to join a new group but choosing to stay close to home for a few days has made me figure out that a basin of water and a splash around is fun!
I know a time will come when he’ll think these things are ridiculous but for the moment I get to enjoy him enjoying something new and if I’m honest I think the bubbles were mainly for my own benefit! Even at the tender age of 31 I still love them and I kept blowing bubbles long after Ewan had crawled away. They are cheap and so cheerful, what’s not to love!
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