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Oh where to start!

Berlin was busy, daunting, thrilling and fun.

If I was to going again I would definitely stay for longer (I arrived at midday on Saturday and I flew out Monday morning) and I would leave time for wandering.

As it was the only wandering was with a print out of a Google map and a thrift destination.

I had printed out 8 Google map routes (not very environmentally friendly but I didn’t want to have to pay mobile phone roaming charges!).

I always hate walking a large map. Maps are great to spread out on a kitchen table and get your bearings but fussing and folding a map in the rain in no fun. I also don’t like winging it and hoping I’ll find places.

This is what the map at the information points looks like!

So I felt much more confident with my sheet of paper telling me when to turn left, what direction U-Bahn (underground train) I wanted, what station was closest and what way to head once I left the station.

Once I landed I used my trusty print out map to get to the accommodation .

I rented this apartment through Air BnB. I loved it! It was close to the flea markets, a bakery, restaurants and  very handy for lots of U-Bahn stations.  It was also bright, spacious and so much more comfortable than a hostel or hotel.

I was so in awe of the beautiful ceiling height and wide floor boards that I spent much of my time there just staring around me. It made me want to go home, throw most of our things out and paint everything white!

Once I overcame my awe of the apartment I hit the thrift shops. The plan was visit two big thrift shops on the afternoon Saturday and the flea markets Sunday and leave Monday with a suitcase full of vintage home ware!

So first up was a thrift shop at Alexanderplatz this has textiles but no home ware as such. But I did pick up the cutest dungarees for Ewan (more on these later).

Plus it was on route to the LARGEST THRIFT SHOP in EUROPE ( emphasis added!).

I was so excited to get in and start sifting through the shelves that I forgot to take a picture of the outside but here is a photo of the Humana thrift shop from a journal. It gives you an idea of the size of it.

humana thrift shop, berlin, largest thrift shop in europe
In the clothes department there was everything you could imagine for men, women and children. Impressively, it is organised by decade, style, material and colour!
There was a great vintage shop in Waterford when I was growing up called Orange. This was like 100 Oranges in one! The majority of the 5 floors are devoted to vintage clothing from every decade with everything you could imagine.
I was focused on my home ware mission so I didn’t get elbow deep into clothes but here are a few pictures I snapped on route to the home ware.
I mistook this mannequin for a person, twice!
humana thrift shop, berlin, largest thrift shop in europe
These coloured knits made me smile.
humana thrift shop, berlin, largest thrift shop in europe
humana thrift shop, berlin, largest thrift shop in europe
( I just noticed now that I wasn’t the only person to photograph the stairs!)
In the home ware department it wasn’t as large as I had hoped. It was about eight book shelves worth and a separate textile section. There were some beautiful bedding and some big bright retro curtains but they were just too big to bring home.
That being said I did pick up a few small but lovely things. Here’s is a little sneak peek.
At this point I was worrying!
I was panicking a little thing that I would have traveled all the way to Berlin only to find a few small items.
I need not have worried because the next day I was about to have my eyes opened to the world of large flea markets.

For now it is dinner time so I’ll come back tomorrow and tell you all about the four flea markets I choose in Berlin and most importantly show you some vintage finds!!

I hope you have a lovely evening. See you tomorrow:)

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