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I mention an Elmo cake and then I disappear for a few days, how cruel!
Well, you didn’t miss much. Let’s just say it did not turn out like we had hoped. 
Despite not meeting our high expectations we still had good fun making it. I am generally banned from the kitchen when Steve cooks so it made a nice change to make something together.

At this point we were optimistic, even a little cocky.

Elmo was at hand for authentic colour checks.

It turns out adding food colouring to “ready to roll” icing results in an incredibly sticky mess and tastes shockingly bad. By the time we finished with it resembled rolled out bubble gum in both taste and texture!
But the worse the cake got the giddier we got and the more fun it was to try and salvage a cake.
This was the most flattering picture I could take of it.
Elmo baking, victoria sponge elmo cake
Surely we will become better bakers and icers as the years go on. Steve is hopeful by the time Ewan turns 18 our cakes will be legendary (in a good way) .

In the meantime Ewan didn’t seem to mind the dense sponge (we saved him from eating our bizarre icing creation)  and he happily tucked into his first taste of cake. Someday he’ll know the taste of fluffy sponge and it’ll blow his mind.

While we won’t be winning baking awards we are parents to a funny and cheeky one year old who slept like a log after more birthday excitement than you could shake a stick at!
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