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I will put my hands up and say I feel like I over did it in the photos of Ewan over the last few days. Some moments are family moments and it’s nice to keep them that way. Nothing bad happened, nobody said anything cruel, nobody re-used an image but I started to feel uncomfortable.
I think it can be tricky to blog about your life and not want to share EVERYTHING. But it’s not only my life, it’s Ewan’s too and he doesn’t get a say in what I post. Generally, I am happy with his level of appearance on the blog but I think for his first birthday I lost the run of myself and it became a blow by blow account of his every second. I have gone back and edited his birthday posts and I am much happier and more comfortable with the results.
I’m still finding my own balance for blogging and I’m trying to imagine what a future Ewan might be okay with too. It’s not clear cut and I think I’ll make the some mistakes along the way but for now I feel much happier to have edited it down a bit so that it’s not like a live-in documentary.
With a head full of ethical questions I’m going to use the internet for what it does best, some escapism.
It may only be a car ride a ferry and a hop, skip and a jump away but on this greying day Heir Island feels a million miles away.
So let’s pop back to when the sun shone
red shoes and daisies
…the seagulls cawed…
…the rocks were hairy..

green hairy rock

..the daisies were chained..
…the garden gave us rhubarb…
… the sea gave us scallops…
…and Heir Island was as stunningly beautiful as ever.
heir island, cork, ireland

heir island, cork, ireland I snuck in some thrift shopping on the way home and have a small few purchases to show you. I’m just waiting for a shaft or two of sunlight to photograph them.

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