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I bought this tea set in the antique flea market in Berlin. When I bought it the lady and I were conducting our negotiations with our fingers. As I suggested less fingers she would continue to show the same amount of fingers and point enthusiastically to the label on the bottom. It read “Vier Jahreszeiten Original Design”. I smiled and shrugged. Since my German isn’t good enough for numbers it certainly isn’t good enough to translate Vier Jahreszeiten!

Vier Jahreszeiten original design, four seasons original design

Now that I am home and can use the internet without fear of horrific roaming charges I’ve learnt that Vier Jahreszeiten means the Four Seasons. Ooohhh that what she meant, they are fancy fancy so she thought her price (number of fingers) was reasonable. Only a few weeks later and I’ve deciphered our conversation.

Some hotels would be fancy and then there are others like the Four Seasons hotels that I can’t imagine going to due to their level of fanciness and are therefore they are classed as fancy fancy!

Before you ask there are no fancy fancy fancy hotels, that would just be silly!

I bought them because I thought they were unusual and a little nerdy, in a good way. I was imagining a bird watcher having these in a bird watcher’s tower rather than a fancy fancy hotel.

tea set with birds
As coincidence would have it when I was out photographing these spring finds when a turf war broke out between the local birds.
It was a noisy and drawn out debacle and a lot of birds got their feathers ruffled. I tried explaining that there was enough trees for everyone but the war raged on.
I’m not one for pointing fingers but these two definitely started it.


No more flapping about for me I’m off to share this seasonal find with Sir Thrift Alot,  Ivy and ElephantsMe and My Shadow , A Living Space , Say G’Day Saturday Linky Party and  We Call it Junkin!

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