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Last Friday I met my previous work colleagues to say an official goodbye. Although I’m meeting them again soon socially this nevertheless marked the end of my time with them as a colleague. Today my P45, Cessation of Employment Form, arrived so it really is very official. I’m no longer an employee. I am now a stay at home mum.
For those of you that read the blog you’ll know that the decision wasn’t an easy one. If you missed the post about deciding to be a stay at home mum you can read it here.
So on Friday as I packed up my toasted sandwich maker, my pig cup, thank you cards,photos and name badge it felt weird but right. Strange to be leaving such an amazing group of work colleagues but right to be driving home to Ewan and Steve.
In proof of how amazing they are they got me a stunning bouquet and a very generous Etsy Voucher.
The Etsy voucher was the perfect present. Since I opened my shop on Etsy I have been extremely diligent not to buy anything. Etsy is full of beautiful things that people have made, found and restored and I have previously splashed some serious money there.
As an example in one sitting I spent a whoopin$565.95 USD on 5 vintage dresses!! I will admit that even by my standards this was shocking. I was fueled by pregnancy hormones and sat at the computer eating a toffee crisp thinking when I’m not pregnant I will need something pretty!
I digress let me distract you from that tale of excess by showing you pretty flowers again.
Now that I’m no longer gainfully employed, money is more precious and spending my hard earned Etsy shop profits ( I use that term loosely!) in another Etsy shops seems crazy.
So the voucher was a perfect opportunity to splurge once more guilt free. I have lots of things marked as  favourites but as I tried to click my way to buying I discovered that a lot of what I had book marked did not ship to Ireland 🙁
So I focused my efforts on Irish Etsy shops.
There are some beautiful Irish Etsy shops. I was particularly alarmed at how lovely the Irish Vintage shops are. Not only am I not the only show in town but these shops are so pretty, well presented and have stock I love.
Trying to remember that comparison is the killer of joy I kept looking and then got spending. Here is what I’ve bought so far…

Starting at the top I got this beautiful tea set from a great Dublin based vintage shop called Mungo and Midge.  I’ve decided it’ll be my “bad day, need a slice of  lemon cake and a pick me up” tea set!
Next up is my only non-Irish purchase from Rank and File a Minneapolis based shop.The shipping cost nearly as much as the cushion which is why I had dismissed it before but normal rules don’t apply when you’ve a voucher so now it’s all mine!

In the corner is a pretty leather bag from the Cork owned vintage clothes shop called Turquoise Flamingo. I also follow her blog diligently so it’s great to finally get a chance to buy something from her shop.

Next up is a beautiful print from Jokamin. I got lost in this shop. I was so excited to discover she is from Cork. Such pretty prints on my doorstep. I love them all and had a problem picking my favourite but this red haired beauty won out for me.

Last but not least is this little Carrigaline Jug from Galore Galore. The eagle-eyed among you might remember that I had the same jug in my shop. When it sold I missed it so much. So despite the fact that it makes no sense to buy an item from another vintage shop that I sold myself I’m leaving my head aside and claiming this little beauty all for myself.

Even with my splurging I’m still have only used half my voucher (I told you they were good colleagues!). I’m keeping the other half safe and staying alert ready for my next vintage must have!

How about you? Have you come across any Etsy shops that have stolen your heart recently? (Other than Thrifty Amos, obviously!)


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