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There is something about enamelware that makes be want to build a campfire and an A-frame tent. But This morning the clouds were grey, the rain looked like it was here to stay.

So instead of braving the weather like my enamelware asked I closed the shutters, put on a James Taylor LP on the record player and took some cosier some photographs of my lovely Berlin vintage finds.

berlin flea market finds

I have also been super productive in the shop today! So these lovelies are already available. The coffee grinder is a personal favourite even though I’m a tea lady!

This reindeer however is all mine. Given that real stuffed animals terrify me. It’s those eerie eyes. A neighbour used to have a stuffed pheasant in their sitting room and I could never relax! This cardboard is the perfect substitute and a good prop.

berlin flea market finds, white enamel tea pot and red enamel jug
I am pretty proud of finding both the tea pot and jug . I found them both in the Kunstmarkt Straße des 17. Juni, the one that was filled with antiques. Both items were not cheap but I love enamel so much that they won me over. 
retro tin

Last but not least is this lovely German tin. I must admit the decision to buy the tins (I bought three in total) t reflects more about my obsession with tins than it does any business savyness. I have no idea if they will sell but I will be more than happy to house them if they don’t.

Since the weekend two of the Berlin finds have sold which I am very pleased with. Especially given the slow rate they are getting to the shop. But importantly I’m getting there.

This week I’m sharing the cosy feeling with Sir Thrift Alot,  Ivy and ElephantsMe and My Shadow and  We Call it Junkin!

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