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Last Sunday we took our time getting into the day and so when I was ready for the car boot sale it was 11:20. This is a ridiculously late hour to rock up to a car boot sale. 11:20 is literally hours too late. I also dragged Steve and Ewan with me. Steve would liken car boot sales to a form of unbearable torture and makes for a very unimpressed companion although generous enough not to rush me.

As expected when arriving so late there was little of note on offer. But it was ages since I have been to a car boot sale so I was going to give this my all! I was determined not to leave empty handed and so after many rounds of the stalls I found a Hornsea salt, pepper and vinegar set.

All things vinegar remind me of my Dad who LOVES the stuff. Add that to the fact it is same saffron pattern which broke the spell of me never finding Hornsea  then how could I leave it behind. The same lady also had this lovely sauce boat that she pulled out at the last minute. The sauce boat is made by Johnson Brothers the same elusive brothers that made this retro beauty.

Things with the shop have been going well and I’m ever so slowly starting to get more things for sale all this means you can expect more thrift finds from me over the next few weeks so stay tuned:)

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I’m sharing these little finds with Sir Thrift A lot.IMG_2378

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