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Yesterday was a keeper of a day. I went to a food styling workshop at Ballymaloe LitFest and it was fantastic.  Anyone who follows the blog knows that I’m not exactly skilled in the food department.  The Elmo Cake is a testament to that!

What drew me to the work shop was the magazine Feast. Feast is Irish food magazine. Every quarter they produce a great line up of local food producers. you hear their stories and their recipes.  I’m not really a foodie so for me Feast is pure escapism. I’m all about the pictures.

Once it arrives in the post I put on the kettle for a cuppa and fall into their pretty images. The final section is a gloriously set table in some beautiful building with a table full of amazing food. What’s not to love…

Dining room,Feast Magazine, Winter 2013

Image Credit Feast 

So when I saw Donal Skehan and Sharon Hearne Smith, the photographer and food stylist for the magazine, were doing a Food Styling and Photograph workshop I was thrilled.

It was sold out but with some perseverance I got a place. As the lady at the box office said if you hang around and smile long enough good things happen. And so they did.


Donal Skehan and Sharon Hearne Smith BallyMaloe Litfest 2014

It was amazing. They were both so generous with their time and skills. They stayed an hour after their time and carefully went through everything! The changing fashions of food styling, how to prepare for a shoot, which camera settings to use, how to use light and shadow, editing. Everything!

Balyymaloe litfest food styling and photograph workshop


Even though my interest is in styling vintage items rather than food there was a lot still a lot I could take away from it. I was buzzing in the car on the way home thinking of all how I could set up shots and I’m so exciting about getting to know my camera better.

We all got a chance to photograph two dishes. Here are my attempts.

Balyymaloe litfest food styling and photograph workshopBalyymaloe litfest food styling and photograph workshop

Balyymaloe litfest food styling and photograph workshop

I can’t wait for my next vintage find so I can try out a few new tips and tricks:)

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