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IMG_1474Having been a mum of one child  for twelve months I am clearly a parenting guru.

As such here are 10 surprising things about being a mum:

  1. People say that they want to kidnap your child ALL THE TIME.  People say things like “He’s so cute I could just sweep him up and run away with him” or “Ahh look at his hat, wouldn’t you just want to bring him home with ya” This happens in charity shops, supermarkets, swimming pool, parks, pretty much everywhere. Maybe kidnapping is an Irish form of endearment?
  2. I am less clean than I used to be. Other parents seem to clean themselves as regularly as before babies. I have just dropped my standards.
  3. I felt like a genius when I made an abridged version of Each Peach Pear Plum (The bears see baby bunting  the first time round, baby is safe and sound, they all have pie, booyah!)
  4. I have talked about someone else’s poo more often than I thought possible.
  5. I will pretty much do anything for a laugh from Ewan, really anything, crawling around under his chair,  putting bowls on my head, running around like a giant bird, anything that gets him laughing is worth it.
  6.  Somewhere during the year I have decided that eating the wheels of the buggy is okay but touching the radio knobs is not okay!
  7. Watching Steve be a dad is one of the best things in the world ever
  8. I now get super excited when I see dogs and start saying “dog, dog, look a doggie, woof woof”. Ewan smiles encouragingly!
  9. The body really is miraculous the way it can produce so much drool without getting dehydrated. It really is a sight to behold.
  10.  Ewan has brought more giddiness, belly laughs, tiredness, anxiety, curls and love into my life than I ever thought possible. I’m pretty sure he’s a legend among babies!

Also this comic made me smile not sure where I saw it first (probably A Cup Of Jo) but I came across it again today.

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