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I have a little confession to make.

I have, yet again, been holding back from you! Oh yes!

I bought this wonderful set a while ago and I stowed them all away. I even considered keeping them all to myself. They still aren’t in the shop but they will be going there. I really, really,really can’t keep anymore tea sets!

The reason I wanted to keep these is obvious, they are lovely!


I love blue and white pottery pieces and this set has nailed the look. Plus they were made in 1982 which is the year I was born. I originally took this as a sign that I must keep them but that’s not a real reason now is it?


They are made by Myott and the pattern has the fun name of Finlandia, which sounds a little mythical or like the vodka! Some of you may remember the other Myott set and the post with the old picture of their old factory. (Yes,those still aren’t in the shop either!)

I like that set but I have to say I prefer these. It’s probably wrong to have a favourite but there you go. If that makes me a bad mother of tea cups then for that I am sorry!

IMG_1636IMG_1640They are so cheery that even in the greyish light of the morning they look bright and fresh!


Now that I’ve shared with you guys I’m off to share with  A Cottage MarketWe call it junkinA Living Space , Thrifty Grove Friday, and Sir Thrift Alot too.


Do you love all things blue and white too or is it just me? Find anything good recently?

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