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This weekend I went out gallivanting.  There were chats, wine, dancing and I even dusted off my mascara for the occasion.  Sunday morning I was extremely delicate. My body was confused by what had happened and it was voicing it’s objections.

To make amends I made myself a ginger tea. It would a gross exaggeration to call this a recipe but I will tell you the things I put in a cup.

  • Peeled strips of Ginger. I used a potato peeler to make nice thin strips and made enough to fill the end of the cup
  • Crushed Mint leaves, I added about 4 scrunched leaves but took them out for the photo because I’m that shallow!
  • A small amount of Lemongrass, mainly because I had it. I think a quarter of lime could be lovely too.
Ginger Ingredients for making ginger tea


Some slightly cooled boiling water and there you have it. Add a film and a blanket and  you have the perfect restorative brew!

homemade ginger teaLinking up for the first time with healthy recipes at Motivation Monday and Simply Natural Saturday pop over and have a look (if you’d like).

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