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The photography and styling workshop gave me a well needed push to start branching out with my camera.

Since I got my camera I have stuck rigidly to either the Creative Auto or the no flash setting. I’ve occasionally pushed the boat out and used the setting with a flower for flowers or the portrait setting for a person. Other than that the other buttons were scary and probably unnecessary.

When I saw the difference between my photo and the same photograph on a manual setting with some tweaking I got the kick I needed to turn the dial.


red balloon, child wonder at a balloon

Ewan’s first balloon

I still mainly use some automatic option but I’m starting to venture around the dial. Often this leads to disappointment,things not in focus, the wrong point in focus, a completely white screen because I’ve done something funny with the white balance. I’ve a feeling that I have a long road of cursing my camera ahead but I’m figuring the more I play around with it the less scary it’ll get and hopefully at some point the better I will get.

Ballymaloe Litfest Bookshop

Ballymaloe Litfest Bookshop

The other day I sat in on friends developing a play from the book Secret Garden. I wandered around their rehearsal space taking photos and I thought that each of them were pure gold. This glee lasted until I got them home and saw them on the big screen. While they’re not as moody and magnificent as I had hoped I’m still proud that I’ve managed to take them by endlessly playing around with settings and ignoring the ever so tempting auto options.

red leather couch red books and key
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