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rotary telephone receiver

So the months trial is over and the decision is made.

Goodbye i-phone 4S, hello Nokia 3100c.

For those of you that are new to the blog I went a month without my using my i-phone. The idea was that I would trial going back to my old Nokia phone in an attempt to become less obsessed with my phone, it’s apps and endless internet links.  It’s not exactly the most riveting news in the world. “Woman changes phone” but it interests me so I’ll have a go at writing about it.


I’m happier without it. It sounds strange I know. What harm can a little phone do? It didn’t cause me any harm but it did lure me in more often than I liked and I struggled to put it down. I would take a photograph, post it on Instagram and then check  minutes later wondering why no one had liked it yet. It’s a very nice tea cup, what’s not to like! Why aren’t people liking the tea cup?

When trying to stay away failed  I would check again,someone has liked it. Why has only one person liked it so far? Do I need more hashtags?

These are not rational thoughts.

I would look at twitter and suddenly I have spent ten minutes taking a quiz about which Sex and the City star I’m most like (Carrie apparently). Not the end of the world but not really fun either, just passing time.

I couldn’t watch a film without IMBD-ing at least one character to figure out what I knew them from.

I’d start at point A and end up zig zagging across the internet to things that pass time. Not necessarily things that entertained but clicking random things of vague interest.


I gave the example to a friend about how at 4 or 5am while heating up a bottle for Ewan (yep he’s waking at night now and yes I use a microwave to heat the bottle) I would check Instagram, check Facebook and twitter and see if there were any new comments or likes.

She made the valid point that I’m not going to pick up a book for those 30 seconds. She’s right but I can just stand there and wait. Every second of my day doesn’t need to be filled with something. I’m not being productive by checking my iphone I’m passing seconds.

If anything it’s unproductive because my ultimate goal is not to wake up at all, feed Ewan in a sleepy haze and go back to bed. I don’t necessarily want to wake myself up more by looking at gooey cakes, earthy woodsy children and nice wall paper. These things are pretty but I really don’t need to see them at 5 in the morning. They are images without context, story or meaning just pretty things. nothing wrong with that but I need to go to sleep.

Just use it less…

Well that’s the obvious answer isn’t it. Use it less. It sounds so easy. After the months trial I turned it on again to retrieve a phone number and  I felt like Golum holding the precious ring. I felt a rush, elated even.  I felt my heart quicken as the apps re-installed.

A few days later old habits kicked in. I would pick it up first thing in the morning, I would pick it up when playing with Ewan to take a picture and get lost in it until he came over to see what I was looking at.  I would panic when I didn’t know where it was. Time passed when I looked at it and  I didn’t even realise how long. I would never consciously ignore someone to look at my phone but it would happen without me noticing.

“Dinner is ready” Steve said, “Great, thanks” I’d reply with my head in the phone. “Actually, on the table now” ,”Yep, I’m coming” as I waited for the video of the worlds craziest intersection  to finish. It’s just rude, I didn’t mean to be, I just really wanted to see if the cars were going to collide!

Most people can handle it and know when to ignore it but for me it’s easier just to opt out. So the i-phone is now off, uncharged and back in it’s box away.

The Nokia 3100C, with it’s amazing battery life, gets pride of place in my handbag and I’ve started to pack my little Canon camera in beside it so I can take photos (actual visible ones which my Nokia struggles with) and videos whenever I like.

I’m not saying smart phones are bad I’m saying I’m happier without mine.

I look down less and I like that.

That’s all.


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