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Every time I bake a cake I invariably end up with this song in my head for hours and hours. It’s not exactly a musical masterpiece but it sure is catchy!


Earlier this week I knew a friend was coming so I baked a cake.   As a lover of all things almond I decided to go with a St James’s Cake.  The one thing I know about St James comes from a friend who has walked thCamino de Santiago a lot. Her advise is not to do the walk around the time of the feast of St James because flights are more expensive and the hostels are too busy. This is the sum of my knowledge of St James, not exactly his life story but I’m still happy to make his cake.

I used this recipe. With just  three main ingredients of almond, sugar and eggs it should fall into the super easy category. I’m a bit of a novice baker and so even with a basic recipe I still required consultation from grown ups about the softness of the egg white peaks.

whisking egg whites

It all worked out in the end and I got a really good tip. Apparently when you are folding in something to a mixture (in this case almond) you should use a large metal spoon rather than a wooden one. It has something to do with the metal spoon not smudging around the mixture so it allows the air to stay in. It really works and the cake was actually light and fluffy!

I used three small paper doilies as a stencil

St James's Almond Cake, Tarta de Santiago with icing sugar decoration



St James's Almond Cake, Tarta de Santiago with icing sugar decoration

I was very pleased with myself and it tasted really nice. it’s a dry cake but the almond and cinnamon give a lovely flavour (if I do say so myself).  I’m feeling the books are balanced in the cake department now and the Elmo cake can be long forgotten:)

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